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Gale Revilla

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She is simply one of the best performers on stage. She takes her Native American music and her Pop/rock to a whole new level.


Almost 20 years ago, Gale had decided that rock and the other genre's was not going to be her beck and call. She loved the fairly new, "New Age" genre' and because of her complexity in composing music, that the New Age genre was perfect for this type of composing. She also wanted to blend World styles music with her New Age and thus the, "World/New Age" genre was born, although it did take her 14 years to bring to full light.

Gale had also decided years ago to become a solo artist. She felt that the discipline of many of the band members that she wanted to have (a band) was just not there. Another main reason for this decision was that the music was just way to complex for band members to perform live. She even interviewed and had Symphony Orchestra Drummers audition and the music was just too complex and would require a full Orchestra. So, she discarded that idea altogether and went at it alone.

Being Native American, many people had thought that she would be composing exclusively Native Music. Yes, Gale does have Native Albums that are catered to the Native American and her people. She would in time go to her native ancestral music once she was finished with her New Age Music.

Finally after years and years with her New Age Music and getting Awards and Award Nominations from her 14 CD Albums. It was time to switch genres and bring her native ancestral language to light in song. Gale had talked to several Top Native Music Artists to get the feedback she needed to create not just any type of music. Rather music that can stir the soul. Music that could inspire or bring tears to one's eyes. Many told her to make it sound real, you have to stay away from the Million Dollar Studios and keep all that sound board mixing down to a minimum. This was going to be a challenge for Gale from the get go. She didn't want to just put out a traditional native album as so many others have. She wanted to bring modernization into the songs but not lose the traditional flavor of her traditional music of her people.

Now she had to step into the pop/rock culture genre with beats, rhythms and tempo and never losing sight that the music is native. The first native album was nominated for an award by the Nammys (Native American Music Awards). As grateful and honored as it was. She was still on the path to where she wanted to take her music. She wasn't done yet.

Her second native album brought in more recognition and award nominations. Gale again felt honored and humbled. She felt she was getting close to her final objective. Finally her 3rd album landed on her lap as the final goal in her road down the native red path. She also made sure that there was no heavy compression, no massive sound boards. She wanted it to sound raw and real yet, polished enough to award level. This became evident when she got another award nomination for, "Best Producer of the Year" by the Native American Music Awards. Now she knew she was producing the kind of music that can move people. Crank up the volume and let your foot tap to the beats kind of music. The music that could send chills down the back or make your hair stand on end.

She took her 3rd album into an area that few go. She wrote the songs in English and different dialects of Apache' all combined into one song. It wasn't just the words, it had to fit. She spent months in the studio putting it together. Another milestone was reached for her because She was the only Apache singing Modern & Traditional Native Music combined not only in the USA, but the world. That meant that all eyes were on her. She had to bring her native music on to the stage and just slam the audience with some of the most powerful music that one could hear. She knew that many people (native and non-native) have never heard the Apache' language in song. So it had to sound not just good, but excellent. Massive Drums to a pop/rock beat with two languages and different dialects all in just one song. One doesn't realize the full effect and impact of the songs until you hear them on some good speakers or on stage.

Gale is also very spiritual and the songs fit right into that. She dedicates her native music not only to her own people. But also the Great Father (God). She knows that the talents that she has comes from him. For without the Great father, the music would not exist.

One thing we can say about Gale that many agree. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to. A few minutes with her and you feel like she is a sister to you or you will feel like you have known her for years.

So will there be more Native Albums coming your way. She says yes, but not right away. She is now focusing on Stage Performance and getting her music out to the people.

Native Pop/rock and Contemporary Pop/rock

"Her Music is Absolutely Fantastic and the Audiences Loved it". - Kings County Fair - July 2007


2X Swan Awards for background music in a Independent Television Series. 1993, 1995

Award Nomination for "Native World Album of the year - 2001",

Award Nomination for, "Best New Age Album-2004" by the Nammys (Native American Music Awards)

Award Nomination for "Best Album of the Year - 2005" by the Nammys (Native American Music Awards).

Award Nomination for "Best Producer of the Year - 2007" by the Nammys (Native American Music Awards)

The Award Winning and Award Nominated Albums:

1). Mystic Lands (LP)
2). Antartica (LP)
3). Angels in the Forest (LP)
4). Lost Continents (LP)
5). Draconis (LP)
6) Winds of Time (LP)
7). Midnight Dreams (LP)
8). Pharaohs 1 (LP)
9). Pharaohs 2 (LP)
10). Pharaoh 3 (LP)
11). Day of the Wolf (LP)
12). Liquid Visions (LP)
13). Best of Gale Volume 1 (LP)
14). Best of Gale Volume 2 (LP)
15). Best of Gale Volume 3 (LP)
16). WindCharmer (LP)
17) Remembrance 911 (Single)
18). Love me When I'm Gone (EP)
19). At the Midnight Hour (LP)
20). Christmas in CandyLand (LP)
21). Whispering Winds on the Red Road (Single)
22). Galactic Empires Disc 1 (LP)
23). Galactic Empire Disc 2 (LP)
24). Whispering Winds on the Red Road (LP)
25). Under the Radar (LP)

Set List

The music is ContemporaryNative American & Pop/Rock music from her 25 CD Albums. All Original Songs. Both Native and pop/rock songs are all family friendly.