Gale Winds

Gale Winds


Gale Winds is a solo concert performer and recording artist with a jazzy, funky, soulful expressive flare. She plays 15 instruments on her new CD, A Windy Christmas, including various saxophones, flutes and brass instruments.


I grew up surrounded by music, beginning with my grandmother Rosa Kemnitz (an operatic coloratura and mother of 12 children), my Aunt Hope Varner (88 years young), an accomplished musician/performer and in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, my brothers Gary, Brett and Paul, all performing and recording musicians, as well as many musician cousins and nieces. My loving, caring parents were always very encouraging toward my musical endeavors and my sisters Carol and Donna have also been supportive throughout the years. How could I not love creating music?

I began teaching and performing music at the age of 16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin playing a variety of styles and venues from weddings to musicals, in big bands behind major artists and with my own group at hotels, clubs, colleges and churches. My first instrument of study was the flute at age 9 but in high school I wanted to be in the jazz band so I took up the sax. In college I studied various woodwind, brass, rhythm and string instruments and continued private instruction on several wind instruments after graduating.

In 1993, my son, Nolan, and I packed up our 15 passenger van loaded with instruments and musical equipment and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Together we discovered the “wild west” and settled in to a life of performing, teaching and study. On occasion, we would perform together in groups, with Nolan playing drums. Now he has long flown the coop and is writing, teaching, performing and recording. (Sound familiar?) It is definitely in the genes!

This first CD release “A Windy Christmas” was long in coming but everything has a season and the time is right.

May God Bless all who hear and may the notes inspire you to want to be closer to HIM who saves.
Profits from the sale of this CD will go to the church building fund of Mountaintop Faith Ministries in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This CD is dedicated to my mother, June,
who passed this year to eternal glory June 10, 2005.


A Windy Christmas

Set List

Christmas Concert includes both secular and Christian selections. Other concerts include Love Songs and original funk/contemporary jazz styles.