Proclaimed Industrial Progressive Rock, a combination of crunching sonic sounds of Nine Inch Nails with complex song structures and instrumentation of bands like Porcupine Tree or Dream Theater. Along with modern pop flourishes and grunge.


Kenneth Joseph Spaziani is the one man and one man only behind the Industrial Progressive Rock band Galexia. Signed at age 16 he began working on his debut album which took 3 years to write and record and featured three of europe's biggest metal star singers on the album, Damian Wilson of Threshold, Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon, and Marko Eskola of Farmakon, after the buzz from these big names the Debut sold Gold status in european countries and the next year Galexia released "The Maze" a more complex, experimental album of which Kenneth sings on all tracks with no guest stars, the song "The Maze" became a widely played radio single off of this album. also at the same release date a side project called "Galexia Feat. Knowledge" was released which is Galexia on all the instruments with a Rapper named Knowledge writing all the lyrics and recording vocals in Galexia Studios.

Currently working on my third official Galexia album titled "Narcotize" due out in 2010 which expands upon the experimentation of The Maze with more of a mainstream side to it.

Every reviewer of Galexia's material has proclaimed that it has to be "heard to be understood" as it "cannot be put into words what genre the music is, as every song molds so many styles into one its amazing"

Imagine a blend of Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Chroma Key, Nirvana, all put into a sonic blender of static and precision.

It is music that is masterful in its creation featuring songs with over 30 instruments at one time.


2007 Europe, 2008 USA = Galexia - Galexia
2009 Europe, 2009 USA = Galexia - The Maze
2009 Europe, 2009 USA = Galexia feat. Knowledge - The Haze (A side project where I performed and recorded all the instruments and collaberated with a rapper) *which by the way stayed in the top 25 sellers on amazon for 43 days*

Set List

45-60 minutes, less if needed.
No cover songs, all originals, last set list was performed at an outdoor festival in Germany and was as listed
1. Tramadol
2. The Maze
3. Transparency
4. Opana
5. Always Falling
6. Rusty Razor
7. Recidivate
8. Pig Trap
9. Satellite
10. Blue Eyes
Encore : Rose of Thorns (huge hit in Europe)