Galinha Caipira Completa

Galinha Caipira Completa


Brazilian music


The GCC is an innovative and exciting performance in a new way of brasilian music to experience. The members of GCC are Marcio Marinho - cavaquinho(small guitarr), Rafael dos Anjos - Guitar, Hamilton Pinheiro - eletric bass and Rafael dos Santos - drums. They have a inovate proposal in their music. Marcio Marinho was considered the best cavaquinho player of the last few years and put the instrument into others dimensions. The GCC has its owns compositions and unusual arangements from the brasilian popular music. The versatility of the group comes from several informations and influences as samba, choro, baiao and jazz.

Set List

Galinha Caipira Completa
Nosso Som
Vamos a luta
Maria Fuma├ža