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"Stage Set for Home Grown Bands"

(The following was printed as the cover story of Manly Daily's Stepping Out section on Friday the 5th of May. This is a typed out version of the scanned image that can be viewed in the photo section).

For teens who are getting over blue-light discos and family days in the park, here's a new all-age, pub grade gig showcasting quality bands for an all-age audience in Manly, Rod Bennett reports.

{There aren't a heck of a lot of all age venues around the peninsula where you can hear pub grade music when you're under 18 years old.

There's certainly nothing like this: a rock band in a venue normally used for staging theatrical productions, with comfy reserved seats. The Star of the Sea Theatre in Manly is going to try all-ages gigs, featuring a combination of community access productions (unsigned bands) and mainstream acts...

...Enter the equation the relatively newly formed Gallery who will be appearing tomorrow week.

This Forestville-based five-piece has been jamming since October last year but only playing gigs since the beginning of 2006.

The guys are all amped about kicking over the amps (fuguratively speaking) at the Star of the Sea.

Seaforth guitarist Brent Keogh said there is a variety of influences among the band's members - four of whom went to school at Marist College in North Sydney.

"Each of us likes everything from hip-hop and 80's rock to jazz and classical," he said. "Sometimes there can be a little bit of conflict about the style we're taking. But I think generally it helps (having this variety) rather than hinders."

Just for the record, he describes the band's style as Rock/Soul.

Besides Brent on guitar, Gallery is Derek Brown on bass, Paul Zancanaro on guitar, John-Henry Pajak on Drums, and Julian Boswell on lead vocals.

Officially launching "School's Out" will be Home and Away star Paul O'Brien (aka Jack Holden).

Admission is $15 and tickets can only be bought available pre-sale from Perfect Pitch, lvl 2, 39 East Esplanade, Manly, or by phoning 9976 8496. } - Manly Daily


EP "Parrallels". Track listing:
1. Falling Tear
2. Cold Glass (I've Been Here before)
3. Broken Rules
4. A Roof Above My Head



Gallery… Sydney’s Latest Musical Expressionists

A gallery is a showcase of taste... a place where seemingly unrelated artistic images from different periods hang side by side, somehow complementing each other.

So too, Gallery (the band) showcases sounds from different eras interwoven and exhibited side by side to form an original group with a slight psych/jazzy feel.

Duncan, Paul, Derek, Brent and Julian create sound pictures reminiscent of past greats of the past - The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Traffic - but also have a healthy understanding of today’s music culture and draw on the likes of U2, The Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper. The band is all about writing great songs and expressing its creations through quality musicianship.

When asked to describe their sound, Guitarist/Song writer Brent says, “When I write songs, I’m always thinking of writing with light and shade; amped up rock with melodic phrasing, drawing on elements from a variety of musical styles including Rock, Jazz, World, Hip Hop, Fingerstyle – anything I can get my hands on, while always being conscious of the melody.”

"We write about stuff that's close to our hearts" says lead singer Julian Boswell. "Obviously girls provide an endless source of inspiration, but we also write about stuff that we see happening around us. Politics, social awareness and the environment are important to us, so those influences also feature in our songs."

Most of the guys were mates at high school and have had years to hone an obvious camaraderie that extends beyond playing music. They’re now bringing together their collective experience and enjoying the fireworks of a collaborative fusion... (or something like that!). Basically, they're great fun to watch and listen to.

Gallery has drawn healthy crowds to inner city and suburban venues like The Hopetoun Hotel, Ruby Rabbit, Candy's Apartment, The Cat 'n Fiddle, The Orange Grove, The Mandarin Club and The Civic Hotel. In the suburbs, they've played gigs like the Mona Vale and Manly Fisho's, recently supporting Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes including the great Kevin Borich at the Fisho's.

Gallery have launched their first EP, Parallels, mastered at Studios 301. It features four of the band's originals, including the extremely addictive Cold Glass (I've Been Here Before).

For more information, contact David at Perfect Pitch Music Marketing on 612 9474 1066 or e-mail

Web site: coming soon!