Wrexham, Wales, GBR

Gallops is a steaming melting pot of all things we love and hate. Sometimes we write songs, sometimes they write themselves. Sometimes people like them and write about them in their blogs and magazines, sometimes they don't. We love what we do and for the most part we love what what you do too...


A blur of a four-headed machine, weaving mechanically pivoting structures of sound that evoke imagery of retro videogame dystopias and B-movie horror soundtracks; it’s fair to say that Welsh instrumentalists Gallops are a band whose music transcends the sum of their basic components. The band made an initial impression in 2010 with a debut self-titled EP that saw them take carefully calculated segments of math-rock and gleefully throw them together with force, before feeding the resulting amalgamations through what sounded like a mutated ZX Spectrum. After headlining the BBC Introducing stage at Reading/Leeds 2010 and a series of shows supporting bands such as Deerhunter, Battles, Maps And Atlases and Errors they followed that with highly-praised performances at SXSW and the successful release of the double A-side single 'Joust/Eukodol' in Spring 2011. Currently holed up in the studio Gallops are writing and preparing for their next LP release due in early 2012.


Gallops EP - CD/Digital (Holy Roar/Blood And Biscuits 2010)

Joust/Eukodol - 7"/Digital (Holy Roar/Blood And Biscuits 2011)