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"CD Review"

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Gallucio - All For You / 2007 Cornerless / 11 Tracks / / Reviewed 04 June 2007

The sharp guitar line that starts out "California Jesus", the first
track on "All For You", gives the disc a nice energy with which to work
off of. This is needed, especially since Gallucio's vocals during this
track are a little bit slower (while still having an energy of their
own, they are bolstered considerably by the guitar work). By the time
the chorus hits, I really have a feel Gallucio as creating the same
type of rock that a band like KISS would do on their "Psycho Circus"

It is hard hitting while still having hints of pop rock in it, it is
fresh while still having older styles present. It is the perfect style
of music for both older and younger rock fans to sink their teeth into,
and it is a combination of these two groups that continue to listen as
Gallucio moves into eir second track of "All For You", "Eye To The
Sky". "Eye To The Sky" is a track that removes some of the harder edges
of "California Jesus", but adds a Santana-like set of guitars to the
track to make up for that deletion. The instrumentation again keeps the
energy high; Gallucio has strung together two strong tracks to open up
"All For You". The drum beat that opens up "Everything Changes" does
mark a change in the overall music, and also shows that Gallucio can do
a slower track without losing the momentum that ey had created up to
that point.

There seems to be a snowball thing going on, where the slower sound of
the opening gradually goes faster until there is a gut-churning,
quicker chorus immersing anyone that may be listening in. Again, as
with the rest of the tracks on "All For You", I would not be surprised
if I heard this on a rock station. "Take Me Down" adds a healthy
heaping of nineties alternative rock and hints of country to the
overall mix. The sound of this track is more along the lines of a
Dishwalla, but Gallucio bounces back and forth between an older and
newer style. If one is looking for good, traditional, but current rock,
"All For You" is the perfect album. There is a high amount of replay on
this disc, and Gallucio will undoubtedly come out with another album
before this disc gets old in the slightest. Pick it up!

Top Tracks: Breakin', The Choir

Rating: 6.9/10
- NeuFutur

"Press Release"

Wilmington’s Gallucio to Release Debut Album

May 11. 2007

Wilmington native and award winning guitarist Anthony Gallucio and his band “Gallucio” will be releasing their debut Album in early May of this year. The album consisting of ten songs and one bonus track featuring a guest appearance by legendary reggae guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith (Soul Syndicate band, Bob Marley and the Whalers, Josh Stone) was produced and engineered by Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (The Roots, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle).
“We have extremely high hopes for Anthony and his band and the new album. It’s exceptional in every way. We’re already beginning to talk with major and independent record labels in anticipation of this release and are in talks with local and European promoters to facilitate a tour to promote the album” stated Gallucio manager Ken Cavalier of Allure Artist Media Entertainment Group.
You can find more information on Gallucio, his tour dates, and album release at his website or by contacting the Allure Media Entertainment Group at

- Billboard

"Press Release"

Superstar Artist and Producer Bunny Sigler to perform on Gallucio’s Debut Album

April 10, 2007

Gallucio’s debut album, featuring Wilmington’s Anthony Gallucio is set for release in May of 2007. The album with guest appearances by a variety of superstar artists will include an appearance by Philadelphia’s “Bunny Sigler”.
Bunny performs with Anthony on the R&B styled track “Halleluiah” a blend of soulful vocals and riveting jazz guitar riffs and is sure to be a favorite among Gallucio fans. With Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory at the helm the album, a mixture of original genres and styles, is expected to do extremely well.
For more information on Gallucio’s debut album including distribution outlets visit or contact the Allure Media Entertainment Group at
- Delaware Online

"Los Angeles/Miami Filmmaker Brent Bambic chooses two songs from Wilmington’s Gallucio debut album for his new movie"

April 24, 2007

Two tracks from Wilmington based band Gallucio’s debut album have been chosen by Miami/Los Angeles based filmmaker Brent Bambic for his upcoming movie “Exploring Love” scheduled for premier in 2007.

“It just keeps getting better and better” states Gallucio manager Ken Cavalier of The Allure Media Entertainment Group. “Everyday something big keeps happening for Anthony and his band’s career. This band, with its riveting songs and high energy stage performance is destined for stardom … there’s no question in our minds. The song placement in the upcoming movie is definitely a great stepping stone.” states Cavalier.

The debut album produced and engineered by industry heavyweight and Grammy nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (SilverTide, The Roots, HaleStorm, Patti LaBelle) is packed with great song after great song. “There are so many strong cuts on this record, it will be extremely difficult to pick the first single release.” states Ivory.

Bambic first chose one track from the album “Take Me Down” but when presented with more material from the album, he couldn’t resist including the title track from the album “All for You” as well as “Take Me Down”. Look for the release of “Exploring Love” in 2007 featuring songs by Gallucio. For an overview and synopsis of the movie and a little about filmmaker Brent Bambic check out

For more information on Gallucio contact

Visit Gallucio’s websites:

- Billboard, Spin, Icon, NY Times


Gallucio - "All For You" - Debut Album 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Unlike many artists, Anthony Gallucio aka Gallucio didn’t have an epiphany about wanting to perform live. He started with something he loved—playing guitar--and took some sound advice from a trusted source.

“The performing wasn’t a factor; I just loved to play,” Gallucio says, adding, “performing came into play from my father’s advice to find something I love and find a way to make a living doing it.”

His passion for guitar is hard to miss; Gallucio is known as a singer, songwriter and guitar virtuoso. Audiences are left dazzled by his rapid-fire agility and effortless delivery of innovative techniques, and his repertoire includes his originals, spanning many musical genres.

In 2001, Gallucio was honored with the Philadelphia Music Award for “Guitar Player of the Decade”.

He’s known for wearing his heart on his sleeve when he performs, applying a natural flair and style that leaves audiences breathless. His smile and affability draw audiences night after night, and Gallucio says he gives everything he has to his audience, regardless of the size of the venue. “I want people to feel inspired when they leave my show,” he says. “I like to make people happy!”

Gallucio describes his music as being a “tug-of-war” between three of his loves: blues, funk and traditional rock-n-roll. His music is a fusion of old school sound with modern flavors.

Gallucio recently completed his debut album “All for You” produced by Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Erykah Badu, The Roots, Silvertide, Halestorm, Kindred, Patti LaBelle, Bo Didley) and has recently signed with International Artist Management and Publicity firm ALLURE Media Entertainment Group based in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Additionally, Silvertide's guitarist, Nick Perry, superstar Bunny Sigler, and legendary reggae guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith (Bob Marley & The Whalers, Josh Stone) made guest appearances on the new album.

When the hard-working musician allows himself time to imagine his dream gig, he envisions two venues. “The Grand ‘Ol Opry, because only the best of the best get to play there, would be a true honor,” he says, “and the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, because I grew up seeing concerts at the Spectrum and that would like I’d really made it.”

His preferred method to structure music begins with the melody, and the origin of his music is experiential, based both on what he feels inside and what he observes around him.

What sets Gallucio apart from many artists is a realistic view of his position in the music industry and what he has to do to keep playing to larger and larger audiences. Ask him about achieving commercial success and retaining his artistic integrity, and his reply is “I’ll let you know when I get there.”

Perhaps what reveals most about this rising talent is his perspective on the biggest challenge he faces as an indie artist: “Staying true to what I believe without bending to what everyone is telling me to do. I need to keep my music the way I feel it should be without letting it be changed by everyone. I want it to be commercially marketable, but it still needs to be mine.”

For more information on Gallucio and his music contact:

Allure Media Entertainment Group

Gallucio Official Web Site:

Visit Gallucio on MySpace:
Get Gallucio’s Electronic Press Kit:

Discography: “All For You” ©2007 Cornerless Records, Inc.