Galvanized Minds

Galvanized Minds

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We've been able to use the influence of the doors and mix it with greenday and throw a little rap in the middle and youve got Galvanized Minds. Although to our great pleasure poeple tell us its just,,, ,,, DIFFERENT and GOOD!


Emerging from the block parties of Gilroy, Galvanized Minds has attracted a following through its compilation of genres. Influenced by bands such as Sublime, The Doors, and Green Day, Galvanized Minds blends hip-hop, rock, jazz & rap creating its unique sound. With beginnings at "The BeeHive" and "Happy Dog", Galvanized Minds blew up the hip-hop & rock scene with its striking lyrics and provocative melodies. This lead to recent performances at West Hollywood's "The Rainbow", "The Pig'N Whistle", and now the world famous "Whisky a Go Go".
- and now THE WORLD!!


All in All - single release November 2007
Galvanized Minds(selftitled) - Released Jan 08
Sneaking Suspisions- single released Feb 08
Crainial Accssories 2009 Full length E.P.

Set List

Winds Of Change
Galvanized Minds
Sneaking Suspisions
Crainial Accessories
All In All
Lost at sea
Sun Is sinking
Love & compassion
Fire From The Sky