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Milano, Lombardy, Italy | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Milano, Lombardy, Italy | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative




"Meet the Gambardellas"

10 pages interview Gambardellas issued on Boombux magazine. - Boombux magazine

"Woodstock Festival Live report"

Gambardellas is one of the bands that performed at the Woodstock Festival thanks to their participation in Woodstock Preliminaries organized by Fabryka Zespołów.

Gambardellas is an Italian band formed in 2011. They’ve released 1 album so far. It’s a range of music genres, from garage rock to power pop, that influenced Mauro’s style. The album “Sloppy Sounds”, which was launched in February 2013, was soon appreciated by both critics and the public. With their talent and artistic maturity they have a brilliant career before them.

Gambardellas's show took place on sunny evening. You all looked great lying on green grass talking to your friends, enjoying band’s performance, sunbathing or just listening to the music.

Thank you very much for such great welcomes to our guests. If it wasn’t for you, they couldn’t experience the unique atmosphere of the Woodstock Festival. - The Woodstock times

"Gambardellas "Ashes" on"

Semplice, catchy, rock, avvolto da una psichedelia martellante e coinvolgente propria di generi come lo psychobilly reinterpretata in chiave brit-pop, con qualche tacca di gain in più e terzine che ne fanno risaltare i colori più scuri e rock. Ritornelli ciclici, esasperati ma divertenti. Un gran bel risultato.
Le strutture sono semplici, le impalcature non si vedono quasi: "Ashes", l'EP di debutto dei milanesi Gambardellas è un gran bel biglietto da visita. I lombardi ricavano l'essenziale dalle loro corde e lo dosano a dovere, il tornio non serve quasi, le tracce godono di una semplicità che permette loro di risultare appetibili in tempo record.
Il singolo “Ashes” apre la tracklist con un angosciante organo che fa presagire il peggio, poi la traccia mostra la sua vera identità esplodendo in un riff che fa molto Union Jack, dalla carica espressiva quasi hard-rock. Insieme alla precedente, la traccia “One in a Million” (che tuttavia possiede qualcosa di già sentito) è il miglior ritornello dell'EP, spezzata a tratti da inaspettati spunti più rudi alla Led Zeppelin si aggiudica il ruolo di “ammiraglia”.
“Devils” e “I Got Mine” chiudono a dovere una raccolta tanto breve quanto densa di aspetti positivi.
I Gambardellas, con questo graffiante esordio, lasciano il loro primo segno in una scena musicale a tratti esageratamente complessata, portando freschezza e semplicità a ritmo di brit-pop e distortions hard-rock. -


They debuted with ” Sloppy Sounds” in 2013 , but apparently they do not like to stay still: in February it has been released Ashes , the new ep of Gambardellas. The band was founded in 2012 on the initiative of Mauro Gambardella, drummer active in the Italian indie rock for several years.

“Ashes” was produced by Giovanni Spinotti ( former assistant of Bob Clearmountain ) and Gambardellas , recorded and mixed at Indiehub Studio in Milan and mastered by Lee Fletcher at Studio Fletchertronics (UK) .

Thank official entrance into the ranks of Glenda Frassi (guitar – vocals) and Grethel Frassi (keyboards – vocals), with the bass entrusted to Andrea Gobbi , the Gambardellas are a band in their own right. We had a chat with Mauro Gambardella .

You have an album behind you, but this ep seems to mark a turning point .

After the release of ” Sloppy Sounds” , the first album on behalf Gambardellas , I found myself having to put together a live band that could bring the live songs I had composed and produced . Then the project was a sort of one-man- band.

After recruiting Glenda, Grethel and Andrea Gobbi , we left for a long tour of 42 dates throughout Italy. During this long period me, Glenda and Grethel found to have a strong affinity for music which was very natural for me to involve them in the creative process and new songs.

“Ashes ” is a turning point for us because from my personal project , following the entry officer Glenda and Grethel , the Gambardellas have become a band in all respects .

Last August 2013 we closed for the entire month in our rehearsal room to compose, and rearrange new songs : we closed our month with about 20 new songs : Ashes, from this session, was born .

Why did you choose to publish soon an ep and not an lp in a short time ?

As I said , we had several songs ready, nonetheless we did not want to rush . Record an album takes time and a lot of attention , it must have a meaning and an underlying meaning .

In today’s world an emerging band has always been the need to provide new material to their audience , the music is consumed more quickly and if you want to be competitive you have to offer material in quantity but also in quality.

We did not want to rush and risk of releasing an album not quite in focus, instead we wanted to offer an exit to photograph a moment of transition in the creative process of this band.

It seems to me that the texts of the three songs that have signed up are very “strong” (or rather, let us tell it like it is : pissed off ) . What pushed you in the writing of these texts?

My lyrics are always about topics that are important to me and I often vent my anger against situations I see happening around me and I just can not stand , then living the Italian musical world of topics they are found galore .

The texts more pissed off you are referring to are in particular those of ” One in a million ” and ” Devils .” Both are inspired by real characters and situations : sarcasm while maintaining a background in both the songs I wanted to let you know how much I suck directly affected the people who wallow in mediocrity and falsehood.

There’s no worse than a musician who knows how to tease your audience by offering a product that he considers poor quality: he does evil to his audience and a whole system also consists of good people trying to do something good once in a while .

I found it very apt cover of ” I got mine ” by Black Keys and I know that you do it in concert. I would like to know if there are other covers that you live or at least what songs would you like to do a cover.

In addition to the piece of the Black Keys usually close the ladder live with a piece of the ’60s by Eddie Holland titled “Leaving here”. It’s a song that throughout history has been covered by many bands: The Who, Motorhead and Pearl Jam to name a few .

And it’s a punk song by the character and the right pace to close the concerts greatly. For now we have no other cover in the lineup , this year we have enough pieces for a concert composed only of our pieces and we prefer it that way.

We can take this as an anticipation of an upcoming ep lp and if so, you have no idea when it comes out ?

“Ashes” photographs this special time of passage of the band, I do not know if this ep represents an anticipation of the next record , we’re experimenting a lot with the sounds and we are moving in different directions, the next issue might sound even more different.

At the moment, however, we are very focused on the promotion and tour of “Ashes” for which we have not yet scheduled a new session in the studio, will always be with the right timing. - TraKs

"Gambardellas reviewed by Here come the flood (NL)"

Alternative rock trio Gambardellas look back to the Seventies on their new EP Ashes. Part glam and heavy metal they go for the grandiose and the slightly macabre.

Cutting the haunted house organ intro from title track Ashes to get some airplay might be a smart commercial move, but the song feels curtailed without it and the nice touch of the organ in the background for the remainder of the song doesn't make much sense any more. If they want to make an impression on the airwaves they should have gone for the catchy One In a Million or the funky blues tune Devils. The EP closes with their cover of The Black Keys' I Got Mine, rearranged as slow moving stoner rock piece with a Black Sabbath arrangement. - Here come the flood


Ashes Ep (BigWave Records) 2014
Sloppy Sounds (BigWave Records/Audioglobe/Foolica Publishing) 2013



Gambardellas band was born in 2011 by the will of Mauro Gambardella. Mauro is a professional drummer who worked with different italian indie rock bands and artists (the Rs, George Merk and Paletti), who wanted to start a new solo project.

During 2012 Mauro had been working in his home studio arranging and recording some of his songs.
The result of his hard work was Sloppy Sounds, the first Gambardellas album. The album, produced by Fabio FabzTheDale Dal and Mauro itself and mixed by the producer Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes), was characterized by all Mauros musical influences: from garage rock to power pop music.

Sloppy Sounds was released on February 2013 with BigWave Records and it was well acclaimed by critics and audience. The three singles taken from the album (Flash, Tito and Needs) were released on the three of the major italian musical web sites: Rockol (, RollingStoneMagazine ( and La Repubblica XL (

The Sloppy Sounds tour 2013 was composed by more than 40 gigs all over Italy and gave them the chance to open a few concerts for some of the major italian artists (such as Ministri, Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Aucan, King of the Opera, Il Pan del Diavolo).

On September 2013, thanks to the official entry in the line up of Glenda Frassi (guitar-backing vocals) and Grethel Frassi (keys-backing vocals), Gambardellas became a proper band. On the same month the new band recorded a new EP at IndieHub studio (Milan) titled Ashes.

Ashes was produced by Giovanni Spinotti (former Bob Clearmountain assistant) and Gambardellas and it represents a brand new musical landscape for the band: the sounds have become darker and heavier and the lyrics much more critical and up to now.

Ashes leads Gambardellas to greater compositional maturity and it signs the continuous development of the band.
The release of Ashes is scheduled for February 3rd, 2014 on BigWave Records while Gambardellas will start their tour on January 31st 2014.

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