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"Gamble House Starts Up Again"

LA and OC county based experimental indie rock band, Gamble House, has finally come out of hiding. They have finished their recordings for their first album and the results are glorious.
The brain child of frontman Ben Becker, Gamble House's original recordings were all done by him and had an ethereal atmospheric feel to them. Brilliant songs with heartfelt vocals, it seemed it was as good as they would get, but with the addition of brothers Sam and Henry Bellingham on keys and guitar, Brian Bruce on drums and Cornelius Webb, this group has allowed these songs to breathe and spread their wings in a fresh new view. This well orchestrated sound still has that atmospheric element, but it's been thickened by jazz influenced guitar and drums, woodwinds, banjo and keys.
Gamble House is a band to keep your eye on, and you can have your chance to do so in two upcoming shows. November 7th starting at 8pm at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles and November 14th at what's described as the Blvd 'on the east side of downtown, 'bout 2min out of downtown.'

Read more: - Anaheim Examiner

"LA Zine - BeatCrave on Gamble House"

Here is some nice calming music to take you into your weekend. Full of haunting melodies, and magical surrealism, Gamble House incorporates meticulous instrumentation and complex arrangements, creating large, dynamic shifts, with intricate vocal harmonies, and a mixture of electronics, woodwinds, and acoustic and electric elements. I can’t help but think of Elliot Smith when I listen to them. The beauty, mixed with the mystery.

Check out “Central Park” now:

Download Central Park (Right Click)

Gamble House: Ben Becker, Henry Bellingham, Sam Bellingham, Brian Bruce, Keith Karman

Gamble House was begun as a solo recording project by Ben Becker in his NYC apartment – an effort to capture some of the impressions and ruminations after his recent time spent living on a farm in Sweden. After moving back to his hometown of Los Angeles, Ben continued recording material in his bedroom, playing a diverse range of instruments, from saxophones, glockenspiel and flutes to mandolin, banjo and drums – though always with the intention of finding others to expand and help breath life into the songs. With the addition of Keith Karman, brothers Sam and Henry Bellingham, and Brian Bruce, Gamble House has begun an ambitious recording project together in Silverlake, and performing the new material, beginning on the West Coast. - BeatCrave

"New Band Alert: Gamble House"

New Band Alert: Gamble House
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After a few listens I’ve determined that Gamble House’s self-titled record is the best Grizzly Bear record of the year. Just kidding … sort of. Their music swells and strains with the same grace and sophistication as those Brooklynites, but without any of the nagging hype. Throw in harmonies like Fleet Foxes and production like Beach House and you’ve got yourself a late entry into the album of the year conversation. Definitely keep an eye on these guys and if you’re in L.A., be sure to check them out during their residency at the Silverlake Lounge. - COMMOT!ON

"Some Velvet Blog's Artists To Watch in 2010"

Grizzly Beach House with a dash of Disney. - Some Velvet Blog

"La Blogothèque"

Les Grizzly Bear sont heureux de vous annoncer la naissance de leur premier enfant illégitime, Gamble House. Son premier titre, Central Park, est fidèle à la lignée. - La Blogothèque

"LA Weekly Show Feature"

Gamble House is stained with perpetual sunset. It's a pensive, pretty place neither fully glowing nor utterly gloomy, where the imminent night implies both romance and solitude. Fairly compared to Grizzly Bear and Elliot Smith, these focused locals (originally the solo expression of Ben Becker but now a quintet) have been steadily adding blogs to their warm buzz, and this will be the third night of a month-long Monday residency. Gamble House embroider, but seldom clutter, unpretentious tunes and understated vocals with woozy harmonies, organic dynamics and knits of acoustic, oft arcane instrumentation (including banjo and glockenspiel). It's ethereal, lip-chewing stuff alright, but Becker and co allow themselves a carnivalesque, slightly celebratory side evoking some prancing Wicker Man -y procession — full of color and culture, yet knowing way too much to be truly happy. - LA WEEKLY

"Some Velvet Blog: Gamble House"

The LA band Gamble House have just released their self-titled debut and it's one of the best debut albums of the year so far. Originally the solo bedroom project/work of Ben Becker, Gamble House has now grown in to a "band" and with it comes a stunning, intimate collection of songs that just sparkle. Based on just a couple of songs, I chose Gamble House as one of my artists to watch for 2010 and their new album more than delivers on the promise of the few songs I heard.

However you want to file this one: be it under "orch-pop" or "baroque indie-rock" or Grizzly Bear-esque, or "sort of like Beirut but a heckuva lot pretentious" - the sound of this record is lush and filled with charming instrumentation and smart arrangements. Tympani drums and cymbal crashes collide with dramatic instrumentation. Swirling psychedelic folk songs become whimsical multi-harmony epics on a heartbeat, and Becker's vocals have a confident gentleness to them that reminds me a tad of Justin Vernon and Jeff Buckley when he sings up there in that angelic range. As emotional as his vocals are, he's also playful. The songs exhibit a lot of control, even as they seem to be teetering on the chaos of ornateness.

While the album does at times play a tad like a Grizzly Bear album, there's a much different thing going on here. Perhaps their antecedent musical influences are the same; maybe not. Heck, if I had a dollar for everyone who told me Band of Horses was My Morning Jacket lite I'd be a millionaire. Regardless, Ben Becker and his band are carving out a vibe all of their own with an incredible collection of songs worthy of your devotion. It's got mine. - Some Velvet Blog


GAMBLE HOUSE (self-titled)



This Fall, Ben Becker's recorded debut as Gamble House, Gamble House, sees his one-time bedroom recording project flourish into an astonishing full-fledged album. Begun in Brooklyn after finishing NYU, Ben completed the recordings in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Written, recorded and produced by Ben, Gamble House is at once as intimate and warm as the homes within which it was made, yet incredibly refined and as sonically dynamic as the vision that it seeks to capture. Mastered by Paul Gold (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear) in Brooklyn, the results are rich in both clarity and scope.

From the lush opening of 'Central Park', each song seems to begin as a film score, slowly giving rise to catchy melodies and intimate lyricism, eventually capsizing into spacious landscapes, or tightly knit arpeggios. Elements of '60s pop and choral music radiate through 'Bonny Doon' with multi-part harmonies, cyclical prose, and sharp, distorted electric guitars, giving way to big, rolling drums and cymbal crashes. Infused with a sense of mystery and beauty, Gamble House revels in folk psychedelia on songs like 'Blow by Blow' as omnichords sweep through choruses, flutes swell in tandem, and contrapuntal vocal parts ebb and flow. Banjos and glockenspiel fall into place on 'Only Days Away' and 'My Brother' with a whimsical naturalism, as ever-evolving melodies and soaring vocals lift the songs to expansive heights. The epic orchestral finale to the nostalgic 'Eugenia' provides a graceful send-off to Gamble House.