Gambler Nun Radio

Gambler Nun Radio


Mixing beatlesque rock and roll, indie, psychedelic pop and prog rock with some weirdness thrown in to create a sound that raises spirits and carries you away from the day to day.


"Young, talented, intelligent and sometimes just plain silly, they are fresh blood straight from rural New York." -Suki Jenkins UpFront Mag

The Gambler Nun and Radio, often referred to as The Gamblers, took their name from a Ernest Hemingway’s short story. They are a band from New York State currently working on releasing their 2nd coming album "The Horse, the Carriage, and the Leopard Flame". Their debut album "Bloodwine" and their EP "Lock and Load" are currently available. They spent the first half of 2007 on tour in Europe where they raised over 2,000 Euros to help build a school in Senegal. They've also worked with charity organizations such as GreenGigs, promoting a "green" lifestyle. They currently are planning to tour the Northeast US in Summer 2008.

It was during their time at SUNY Oneonta that they met producer and sound engineer Paul Geluso (produced Animal Collectives first album). The band collaborated with Paul on a range of projects including an “Apple” rock video with their song “Miracle ED”. These projects then inspired both Paul and the Gamblers to create an album together.

"...they're fantastic musicians who all pull off a great show..." -Suki Jenkins UpFront Magazine

Link to tracks and video:


Bloodwine (2007)
Lock and Load EP (2008)
*The Horse, the Carriage, and the Leopard Flame (2008)
*The full album is currently being mixed and mastered. It is suspected to be released in Fall 2008.
To hear some of the newer songs please check:

Set List

All material is original. Can easily play for over 2 hours