Game Brothas

Game Brothas

 Oakland, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Game Brothas have a unique West-Coast Hip-Hop sound with a distinctive and marketable brand.
They're a crossover group with beats ranging from hard street rap to rock influenced anthems and electronic club beats. Their mainstream music will win you over with lyrical storylines, charisma and style.


Game Brothas, Carmelo Lopez AKA “Mr. Wonderful” and Halik Stewart AKA “Nature Boy” are frequently compared to Run DMC & OutKast but with a West-Coast Sound. Nature Boy originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, first met his counterpart Mr. Wonderful in high school in Oakland, CA. Their sound is a hard hitting and lyric driven experience and their original sound has gained street recognition in the Oakland-Bay Area region as well as securing fans across the globe, including UK radio Play. They've received over 3,000,000 plays on and are climbing the Urban Mass Pool charts, DDK in Georgia, plus Ohio and Seattle DJ charts. The group was also featured in a two-page interview spread in the Nov 2011 issue of Murder Dog Magazine, and there Animated Video 'Stubby In My Lean' has received over 14,000 hits on YouTube.

The Game Brothas have untamed talent and the hustle to turn this venture into an empire. “Our goal in the music industry is to show that Oakland has more to offer.” say the GB’s. The music explains itself “Everybody loves a Game Brotha brotha ‘cuz a Game Brotha brotha got game.”


How The West Was Won -

"Priceless" feat. Lil Wayne - Rich Kidd Compilation Vol.3

The Mack Down 2 - Mixtape Vol. 2

The Mack Down - Mixtape Vol. 1

Set List

How The West Was Won
PGA (Pretty Girls and Alcohol)
Tha Panty Droppa
I'm Gone

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