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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFTRA

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"GamerGad ft. SkyBlew - Bananas"

Following the success of the gamer’s last single, GamerGad, drops a SkyBlew assisted, free to download, promo track for fans to enjoy. This one portrays a gamer’s struggle and comparison between life and Donkey Kong, one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. - AllHipHop

"GamerGad "Go2Work""

North Carolina rapper GamerGAD has a serious love for videogames, but he's appreciating more than what pops up on his Xbox on the new "Go2Work" single. You can sample his cheeky, dancefloor-ready debut single down below.

Deep, bending synth tones and a fast clacking beat are supplied by producer Monk, whose soundscape supports GamerGAD's lines about a shorty dropping it plenty low. With a press release noting that GamerGAD is "a rapper with a geeky side," it should be of no surprise that the guy sneaks in a Skyrim reference in the last verse. - Gregory Adams

"Hopfest to liven up Greensboro this weekend"

“Greensboro is boring.” “There is nothing to do here.” “It’s Greensboro what do you expect?” Those sayings are not going to be able to fly around here for much longer. If you find yourself making those comments you must not be walking out your front door. You must not be meeting the right people. You must need some help becoming better connected.
There is a grassroots movement happening here in Greensboro, with conversations being had in corners of collaborative spaces and coffee shops, over beers in better bars than collegiate hangouts.
Two names you should know: Ryan Saunders and Shamira Azlan. Why know them? They are the ones bringing Hopfest to life. What is Hopfest? It’s a community beer and music festival happening this Saturday, August 22.
Saunders recently shared his views on how minds need to start changing.
“You have to change the attitude of the people who are currently here, or change the environment they don’t like,” Saunders said. “Until Greensboro pays attention to the people, it doesn’t matter what you build or what you do, how many apartments you construct, if they aren’t affordable for college graduates, this city will become stagnant.”
We’ve all been out at a bar before listening to local musicians talking (complaining) about the social scene here in Greensboro. They are talking about the disconnect between the spaces that musicians hold and the crowds of people lacking in and around those spaces. How Greensboro is packed with talent, and great spaces for music, but where are the people?
Hopfest is a grassroots festival put on by Create Your City, an organization created by Ryan Saunders with help from close allies, much like Shamira Azlan. This is the third Hopfest, and last year around 4,000 people came out for beer, music and food trucks.
General admission is from 5pm to 11pm and the space is the unveiling of Limelight Outdoors.
Azlan and Saunders have received donations, sponsorships and support from all over the Triad area. Landscapers are contributing plants, sod and mulch, there will be picnic tables, a stage and vendors. “We’ve handpicked our vendors trying to select those who are working to build the Greensboro our community wants,” Saunders said.
For the past six months there have been long nights, phones calls, and emails sent. So much time and effort has gone into recruiting volunteers, bringing in local musicians, donations and making sure everything looks great. Saunders consistently stretches the notion of what it means to believe in your city, in your dreams and in your friends.
Performers for Hopfest include: Snare Blankets and Dark Love, Grand Ole Uproar, Josh King, The Ends, Empire Strikes Brass, GamerGad and Elusive Groove.
Musician GamerGad said he is excited to be a part of Hopfest. - Rebecca Harrelson


9.4.15 - New Game Plus (ep)

12.18.15 - Go2Work 2.0 (single)

1.24.16 - #SnowDaze (collaboration with Kain) (mixtape)

2.15.16 - #SnowDaze2 (collaboration with Kain) (mixtape)



If you could somehow picture Goku as a top 40 urban rapper who uses video game references in his music to speak on life's experiences you may have an idea of who GamerGad is and what he stands for. Once known as Young Stacks LGi, the North Carolina native has opened up for many nationally touring artists such as Big Krit, Yo Gotti and The Roots. Most recently, the villain performed at Hopfest 2015 (thousands in attendance) and followed that up with a performance on's stage at A3C 2015. He also writes a biweekly blog at geared towards gamers entitled "Blogs Vlogs and Video Games." Accomplishments aside though, Gad didn't really think the name "Stacks" spoke to his personality and image so he decided to take some time away from the music scene and mature as a person and as an artist.

"I wanted a name that spoke to my personality, I'm a gamer at heart man that's what I do," he said during an interview on Skibo's liberated radio "Not Your Normal Playlist" show. So out of what felt like hibernation came a more complete packaged version of the melodic based artist but it was time to show and prove.

The self titled villain started by buying a dslr at the top of 2015 that he later used to shoot his first video and every video he's dropped thereafter. The first of these visuals was for a song off his ep "New Game Plus" called Bananas featuring fellow gamer and rising star SkyBlew. While becoming a better shooter and editor Gad went on to shoot and release videos for the remaining three songs off "New Game Plus," with a full lp being prepped for a 2016 release.

With visuals now in the back pocket, GamerGad picked up momentum by being featured on some of hiphop's top blog sites including and GamerGad is now pushing his new single Go2Work 2.0 and plans to drop an ep in Fall 2016. - See more at:

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