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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"IMF Media, Inc."

Chosen as leader in the Best of New Groups going through IMF Media development services. - Bobby Harris


"Bye Bye Baby"

GAMETIGHT selftitled


Feeling a bit camera shy


After disbanding from a a formerly owned record label, longtime friends, Juice and Mookie, joined with Juice's younger brother O.D. to form the group, GAMETIGHT. GAMETIGHT would become the first group off of the Cold World record label.

After completing its first compilation CD the group began touring throughout the South with stops in Atlanta, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma City. In 2003 the group began promoting concerts and snagged none other than Kirk Franklin to perform its first show.

Through concert promoting, the group began to build relationships as well as perform with several major recording artists. Group member Juice, who is also co-founder of Cold World Entertainment and LimeLight Studios, continues to gain fame as one of Oklahoma's best music producers as well being a talented performer and promoter. So if phat tracks are not enough, this group can handle their own engineering from start to finish, not to mention, promote their own shows.

GAMETIGHT is currently preparing to release their new self-titled CD in early Spring of 2004.

Born and raised in Spencer, Oklahoma, Juice was introduced to the music world at an early age. Growing up in the back rooms of clubs his grandfather owned, his love for music grew.

Juice started performing in grade school and continued doing talent shows and various events all throughout high school. After graduating high school he joined the Army and traveled the world. He started, Party Time, Inc. while stationed in Germany, primarily sampling beats beats for artists and talent shows as DJ Juice. He also sold many tapes and coordinated parties and events before leaving Germany and Party Time, Inc. behind. Juice returned to the U.S. and started The Lazy Boy Posse with four of his closest friends. The group slowly dwindled to two before doing their first demo in 1995. The Lazy Boyz received lots of positive feedback, giving them the chance to do shows at every opportunity.

Lazy Boyz Viking Records was started in 1996, but after one L.P. the company disbanded.

The Lazy Boyz later changed their name to GAMETIGHT and founded COLD WORLD ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. Juice, along with other artists with COLD WORLD are currently doing shows all over the South, including, Oklahoma, Georgia and Texas. Juice stays very busy as Head Producer and Engineer for COLD WORLD ENTERTAINMENT, as well as being the founder and President. His career as a Producer has quickly spread from rap and hip hop to R&B and even country.

Juice began a partnership in 2002 that spawned LimeLight Studios, a major recording studio in Oklahoma City. Under the LimeLight umbrella he co-founded a digital recording school through a local junior college. He is currently working with local High school students, offering short term classes on the music industry and music production.

Lafayette Kelly (aka Mookie) was born August 23, 1973. His mother (Janice Kelley) sang in a band with a dad he never knew.
"All my life I've felt music was in my blood," says Lafayette. At the age of 4 he was placed in the Foster Care System, shipped from home to home until the age of 18. Moving around so much, nothing was constant in his life, but music.

He performed in several in several school functions through the years singing until Jr. High when he started hearing a new sound, rap.
"My first rap tape was Boogie Down Productions', All Means Necessary with KRS-One," and he has never stopped loving rap since. He grew up on the greats like, N.W.A., LL Cool J, Run D.M.C, Ice Cube and Scar Face.
"I think my rap style shows signs of all the past greats, while still my own style is my favorite."

In High School he hooked up with Jeff Bell (Kiazer X) and they formed a click called, 'The Wrench Mob', named after Ice Cube's Lynch Mob. The Wrench Mob rapped about the things they saw day to day. The later hooked up with 4 classmates, one being James Jackson, also known as Juice Dawg and formed a crew that would later be known as The Lazy Boy Posse.

The group later disbanded to 2 people and they (Mookie and Juice) became GAMETIGHT.
"We wanted more than just to be know in the hood," says Mookie, "so we started our own record label (Cold World Entertainment) in the year 2000, soon to be the biggest name in the world!"

O.D. (OverDose)
The world has no idea what's in store for it. Coming from the heart of the hood, 'Dungee, OK', this mythological lyricist known as O.D. (OverDose) is taking the game by storm.
"All I know is music and poetry," says O.D. "It's my way of expressing who I really am. I'm a songwriter and an entertainer. This I do for the love of music.

"It's been a long, hard voyage and I've seen a lot. I've been through even more. That's why it's not easy telling about the trials and tribulations I've encountered.
"Thanks to God and my brother, Juice; my dreams are becoming reality."