Psychedelic avant-garde dramatic party music!


The band exists since 2006. Its members started by creating improvised music, which developed through the years into much more precise and composed pieces. Mainly playing all the five together, the musicians of the band also work in different combinations of smaller groups, and create various artistic pieces and projects involving music, video and performance. Gamila played over the last few years in different venues in The Hague, Rotterdam and Bruxelles and presented its works in various events.

Gamila’s unique sounds, harmony and melodies are based on the attention given to the pulse of breath and on the constant interaction between the musicians.
Gamila is-

Michiel Claus (drums, laptop)

Steindor Kristinsson (laptop, vocals)

Ofer Smilansky (laptop, bass, vocals)

Yamila Rios Manzanares (cello, laptop, vocals)

Angelica Vazquez (harp, pedals)