Gamma Like Very Ultra

Gamma Like Very Ultra

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

A fuzzy conundrum with fits of unicorn poop.


GAMMA LIKE VERY ULTRA returns to bring their supersonic fuzzy freak-outs to your ear ways. GLVU hopscotches along the entrails of free jazz and space rock -- preceded by fellow travelers Sonic Youth, Trans Am, Mothers of Invention and Primus--wherever the pebble falls. Technicolor dreams, moldy primordial slime, exploding space stations --Gamma Like Very Ultra is all this and more, on the floor and the tape deck.


Adventure Land EP (available on Myspace downloads)
Live tracks are also found on our Myspace page.

Set List

We don't have a "typical" set list, but we do play the following songs: "Wes Parker's Allergy Song", "Answering Machine: Death", "Henry the Wittlest Cow", "Surf Chase", "Ballz", "Kim and Kelley Deal", "Electrix Billz or Elephant Shit", "20th Century Thing", "Electronic Shit I & II", "My Song #13", and "The Idiot's Love Song". Depending on how much we hate ourselves on the given playing night, there might be a lot of bantering and comedic improvisation. A set tends to last 45 minutes.