Retroactive Gamma Rays

Retroactive Gamma Rays

 Lincoln City, Oregon, USA

Gamma Rays. Not the dangerous kind, rather the Retroactive kind. Retroactive Gamma Rays bring a galaxy of fun to every square inch of this planet. Combining the classic '60s surf guitar with fun & fast '90s California style punk the Gamma Rays blast pure joy from their ray guns (instruments).


The Retroactive Gamma Rays have been playing instrumental surf music in the Pacific Northwest since June, 2006. The Gamma Rays have self released a 6 song demo, “Demo-lition” and their debut CD, “Activate!” came out in October 2007. Their songs have also appeared on a number of radio shows and CD compilations. The Gamma Rays play an ambitious schedule of 2-3 shows a month throughout the Northwest, playing crowds large (2000+) and small (10-). The Gamma Rays show the crowd, no matter the size, just how exciting a Gamma Ray burst can be every time they play a show! They have played with well known Northwest bands including My Life in Black and White, The Verbtones, Muddy River Nighmare Band and The Young Immortals. The Gamma Rays opened for world famous act The Red Elvises in July ’08.
There is not a sound as welcome in any situation as surf music. If you want to have a good time, anytime, listen to surf music. If you want to have a great time, in any situation, listen to the Retroactive Gamma Rays.


* Endorsed by Loudmouth Golf

* Endorsed by Dava Picks

* Part of Kiwanda Music Festival's line up every year. An all Oregon band fest. in Pacific City, Or. right on the beach every 4th of July weekend.

* Constantly play for surf competitions/ Hot Rod Shows throughout the Northwest

* December, 2006: Played the 2nd annual Nelscott Reef Tow-in Classic awards ceremony. The largest surf contest in the Northwest; for many renowned professionals in the surf industry.

* Played the SnoKona Pond Skim Contest at Mt. Hood Meadows ski resort. Playing in front of over 2000+ people every April since 2006.

* RGR songs have appeared in 4 CD compilations.

* Oct., 2007: Self-released debut Cd, "Activate".

* May 2008: Live performance & Interviewed on "Pop Talk" on KNPT in Newport, Oregon.

* Have sold over 500 copies of their debut CD on CD Baby, Double Crown Records website, at shows and at Output Music in Lincoln City.

* July 2008: Opened for rockabilly/surf legends The Red Elvises in Portland, Or.

* 2008, The featured band for Lincoln Counties Relay For Life, helping to raise over 200k for cancer research

* Oct. 2009: Played as part of the Rockaway Beach "Rocktober Festival" with over 30 bands performing for 3 days

* Played at Lincoln City's ArtSea Festival from '09-'11

* May, '11: Featured band at Portland, Or. Zombie Prom

* June, '11: Played Johnny B's Classic Car Show in Medford, Or.

*Radio Stations we've had our songs on:
KGRG, Seattle
Alloy Podcast
Twang Shebang Podcast
Illinois St. College Radio
KCR FM, San Diego, Ca.
KPSU FM, Portland, Or.
KNPT AM, Newport, Or.
KCRF FM, Newport, Or.
KYTE FM, Newport, Or.


Instrumental Surf

Written By: No lyrics

No lyrics all the time...They get in the way of your happy dancin' feet!


August 2006: 6 song home recorded demo CD

November 2006: Songs aired on Twang Shebang internet radio show w/ Unsteady Freddie

August 2007: 2 songs on Double Crown Records' Continental Magazine #14 compilation CD

October 2007: Self-released debut CD, "Activate!".

December 2007: Songs air on Chicago University radio station

December 2007 (on going): Songs from debut CD, "Activate!" air on A Day at the Beach w/ Clint Beachwood on KCR FM in San Diego, Ca.

May 2008: Interviewed and had songs play on KNPT's "Pop Talk" in Newport, Oregon

May 2008: 1 song on Double Crown Records' Continental Magazine #15 compilation CD

May 2008: Go-Kustom Records "Wild Ride" compilation featured Juror #7 from RGR's self released album, "Activate!"

August 2008: Played live on 96.7 FM KCRF, the Oregon Coast classic rock station

Set List

We can play anywhere from a 30 minute set to a 5 hour set. We play original surf songs with a mix of contemporary songs by bands like Pink Floyd, Buddy Holly, Radiohead, NOFX and more; all done up surf style. Of course, traditional surf cover songs are a must for any good surf show. Our list of songs is extensive and ever growing. This gives our sets a fresh and new feel every time we play.

Original Songs:

Astroid, Comet Destruction Scale
Avast Ye!
Boiler Bay
Death of the Gamma Rays
Evactuation Route
Flat Drunk Friends
Get Bent
Get Off Your Back Porch
Hammock Connoisseur
It's Only Revenge
juror #7
Kick You in Your Brain
Kiwanda Cove
Let's Get Flooded Out
Return to Danger Alley
Slab Creek Incident
Speak Easy
Steppin in it
The Adventures of Capt. Clint
The Happy Spy
The Last Gamma Rays
Western Tongooee

Cover Songs:

Shake N' Stomp - (Dick Dale)
Misirlou - (Dick Dale)