Gangalee a.k.a Big Lee

Gangalee a.k.a Big Lee

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Big Lee, b.k.a Gangalee, a powerful package of raw emcee talent with a side order of delivery, confidence and vision. Ganga's verbal assault wether slow, fast or in between expect your ears to thirst for more.


A rising emcee who is blessed with a love for her craft. Gangalee is on a blazing trail to International fame with the circulation of her first venture as a solo artist slash label head, “Summer Sampler”. She wowed over 15,000 fans+, with her honest Jamaican born, New York bred flow, delivered hot -n-fresh. Now with the release of Ganga's second project “ Earth Momma The Movement”, featuring Ganga and several other female Reggae, R&B and Rock artist. Ganga’s momentum is steadily rising. Media giants like MTV realized her talents when they chose the"Summer Sampler" for their new hot series "PoweR Girls"sound track. Another step on her road to musical success. Keeping focused on being an artist and a businesswoman at all times.

Based in Viginia Beach, VA. Gangalee; one of the founding members of the all female hip-hop band "The Gypcees", continues working in her studio "The Mint " constantly creating ways to fulfill her fans music needs, while opening the doors for new female talent.

So prepare for a female emcee who's talent, passion and raw energy will have you repeating her name to your friends...Gangalee!


Solo: The Summer Sampler, Earth Momma the Mixtape: Vol. 1, The Jam (PoweR Girls Mix), A Dose Of Ganga!. ***With former group the Gypcees: Burst Of Light, Heavy Rotation, Step Into The Center, & Studio Life***

Set List

Ganga w/ Live Band: Minimum 20 minute set including 4 songs, freestyle and breakdown

Ganga's solo set: 3 song minimum w/ freestyle. Includes live DJ or show tape

Optional: Dancers, Hype Person (depending on venue)