Gangrene and Blue

Gangrene and Blue


Cruise over to our side of the haze. Mixing elements of the pound, the hypnotic drone, the pop jam, a touch of the cosmic and shades of true malevolence.


We pieced the band together out of endless summer jams and an eventual move to Toronto, now practically a factory for pounds and hits. We vouch for a back-to-the-basics approach: a few instruments, a simple beat, a nice melody, a stream of good words and a swagger to impress your grandmum. We don't write songs, we do them. We draw influence from The Fall vectored with Pavement/Beat Happening (and a side of Coleman and Coltrane). People have suggested Brian Jonestown Massacre similarities - but we wound up being more psychedelic than the 60's ever were. It's a full mindbending headpound pump-up for those who like it - and an assault for those who don't. Welcome to the haze.


We do it ourselves, folks, and that's enough for now. We have over something like 400 songs recorded, out of which a few EP's and such have trickled out - but the walls are still breaking while our first album is in the making.

Set List

If needed, we will play until the halls are cleared. If not however we can rip through a half an hour set and drop the mic when finished. Covers are not even considered, if we ever ran out of songs we'd just do a few new ones on stage.