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Tallaght, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE

Tallaght, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
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"Gangs: The Next Big Deal From Ireland"

Interview by Raymond A. Merritt February 25th, 2014

Please tell us about the name “Gangs” and the beginning of the group.

Johnny (drummer): We grew up together in Tallaght (Dublin) and all loved music. We played in bands and that but less than two years ago decided to get serious. We started GANGS and really it was about getting the sound right so we were writing and recording for most of our first half year together. The name is really about what we are trying to achieve, it’s about reviving the GANG ethic like the old Mods or the Ska’s.

Jordan: I suppose we’re a gang ourselves, we’re into the same music we dress the same you know? A lot of the people that come to our gigs dress the same as us and that’s what it’s all about.
James: It’s been great, people are catching on to our sound and loving our live shows. Its hard to believe we only formed a while back but we’re not taking all of this interest for granted, we jam 4 times a week, we’re writing every day, it has been down to hard work really. Johnny: We really appreciate the way people have taken to us but this is only the beginning, obviously you want to be big at home but we know this is just the surface we’re scraping at. We want GANGS to be big in every country - Always Therro (Magazine)

"Presenting GANGS, single review"

Set for its official launch at Whelan’s, Dublin on Friday, February, 21, ’2 15′ by Dublin indie/rock n’ roll quartet GANGS doubles up as an “arrival” of sorts for the hotly-tipped foursome. Having drawn parallels to the likes of The Strypes with their boundlessly energetic and timeless RnB swagger, the band have won plaudits from every corner of the critical spectrum.

The band, as much regarded for the stylistic panache they are their head-turning musical panache, are also set to perform at Other Voices’ Derry Music Trail at the city’s Gweedore at 11pm tomorrow night, Friday, February 8 – a show that should certainly pique the interest of their as-of-yet relatively uninitiated Northern fanbase.

Filmed in Dingle, Co. Kerry, during the band’s recent appearance on Other Voices, the video for the single features the band delivering a particularly intent-drenched performance of ’2.15′. Watch the video below – and make sure to check these guys out either in Dublin or Derry over the coming weeks if you’re yet to see them live. Mark our words: these dapper chaps are going places. - Revolver Project

"Gangs Interview – Last Gang In Town"

Standing at the back of Sweeney’s bar on a hot summer’s evening in Dublin I awaited my interview with one of the city’s most feted indie acts Gangs as they sound-checked for an upcoming appearance at Retro Revival. And from what must have be a routine process for the band, it is immediately clear that the sheer force of their bone-rattling sound is something very special indeed.

“It was about capturing the live feel. We had the songs ready before we went in and just wanted to lash them out” insists Gangs front-man Jordan Curtis (now sitting in the quieter surrounds of a small restaurant on Bloom’s Lane) speaking about the group’s week-long stint recording their début E.P in Bow Lane Studios.

Recently signed to independent music label Reekus Records the group worked with Irish music legend and Blades bassist Brian Foley as producer. “He has the same taste in music as us. He’s into bands like the Jam and the Clash” comments guitarist Dan Smith. “Also he’s a musician and would bounce ideas off us that he knew would work. It was good because we really respect him for what he’s done and we hit it off immediately”.

“Being in the same room helped as well.” Smith continues. “Being able to see each other meant we felt every bit of it and that’s part of the sound of the record too”.

A group with a raucous live reputation that has propelled their image forward, it is clear that the Dublin band wanted to maintain that energy in the studio. “We literally just plugged in and went for it. One of the songs that ends up on the E.P is a first take.” recalls James Connolly “So what’s on this record is who we are live”.

Indeed Gangs understand the power of their succinct, straight to the point sound with drummer Jonny Halpin stating that “We aren’t one of those bands who over produce their records. There shouldn’t be a boundary between what we do in the studio and what we do live”.

Since first bursting onto the Dublin music scene in 2012 Gangs have gathered an almost moveable scene like following and momentum that has carried the group to appearances at Other Voices and garnered them considerable attention on a national scale appearing in Hot Press on several occasions, all of which without a full-length album or E.P.

When asked about this momentum and expectation, Curtis exudes the band’s palpable confidence. “We had no time to think it about it really. We were told “you’re recording your E.P next week” and we were ready for it. Everything moved so quickly that it’s only now that we have time to reflect on it. But that’s the way we like things and I think that comes across in the record”.

A group born out of the malaise and dissatisfaction of the times, Gangs have maintained a clear connection to the following their distinct sound has amassed. Indeed at the band’s recent ’2 15′ single launch (reviewed here) the packed audience sang and cheered to songs that have yet to be recorded, such is the strong connection between the group and their fans.

“We’re all on the same page. It’s not a case of “we’re up here and you’re down there”. It’s personal, a lot of that crowd started out with us as well” claims Jordan. “When people come to see us they want to have a great time and we want to have a great time too, so it reflects on us both. The thing we’ve always tried to get across in our shows is that the crowd are just as important as us, we feed into each other”.

Dan Smith sums up the whole ethos and attitude that has made Gangs one of the countries most important bands at moment, “One of the main things about the E.P is that we made it for everybody, but in particular young people. Lyrically and musically it’s based around our lives, young people’s lives. That’s something we want to get involved in, some band’s totally forget about them and there’s nothing for the younger crowds to do. So when we launch the E.P we’re playing an under-age show during the daytime as well as an over-age show that night. We want everyone to be involved. Younger crowds are just as passionate and involved in our music as anyone”.

Gangs will play the Mercantile, Dublin this Saturday as part of YouBloom 2014. For more information click here - The Last Mixed Tape

"Some GANGS are better than others"

When you enter the Dublin Castle, in Camden 2 things hit you in the face: 1) it smells like a really pub should smell: beer and sweat 2) the posters on the wall of the bands that have started their career playing here (The Madness, Travis, Coldplay, Blur, Supergrass among many others) as the venue played a major role in the development of brit rock in the 90s.

We wrote already back in December 2012 (!) about GANGS (Read here our interview from back then). 1 year and half later the band has matured a lot and finally we were able to see them in live action during their first ever London tour.

As usual, when a new band appears everyone tries to compare them to somebody from the past. Last Monday I heard the following names: The Jam (with somebody claiming he was expecting to hear “Town Called Malice”, The Smiths, Oasis, The Kinks. Just to set the bar high enough.

Honestly? There’s a bit of all these bands in their sound and style, but all of the ingredients are mixed nicely and evenly enough so that I don’t agree with anyone labeling them as “The Irish Jam/Smiths”. They are on the way to build their own sounds and style.

The sound and the lyrics have evolved a lot since we heard about them for the first time, after a shy beginning of the set with poor sound management they get confidence as the crowd started swinging and clapping at their songs.
•They have a powerful sound were the 2 guitars build a wall of sound even in small venues.
•The lyrics have a mix of fun and catchy young rebellion “Don’t Work Too Hard” or “Young Employment“.
•The style? Well, ok, closer to the 80s then most of the current bands, this shouldn’t be a criteria to put a label on someone playing music
It took them 3 songs to win the crowd and by the end of a set with “Come On Let’s Fly“, “One of Our Own” and “Saviour” the public is already singing the refrain and choruses.

When the set finish they get called back on stage for an encore, “2:15” their latest single, bravely left out of the planned set, quite an achievement for a young gang of irish lad hitting a cold London Monday night for the first time!

We hope that some of the enthusiasts around us in the crowd were professionals, these lads deserve the chance to prove their musical skills on a real record.

They have the songs, they have the talent, they don’t lack style or attitude. They just need a chance to prove themselves!

We wish them the same success that some other bands enjoyed after starting their “London career” at the mighty Dublin Castle

GANGS, Stay Young and (obviously) invincible.

Hey Hey, My My, rock’n’roll will never die (as long as bands like Gangs keep it going!) - Indie-Nation

"Vantastival Day 1 Reviewed"

1st band I saw was Gangs. The nice thing about this festival is that it’s unashamedly biased towards Irish acts and the curating and choice of bands and acts, is eclectic but clever, meaning you’ll never know just what to expect when you wander to ay stage. Anyway this is a young band from Tallaght who have an immediate presence from the cheeky chappy lead singer /bassist (Jordan I believe) who reminds me of a junior Paul Weller, mainly because of the mod sounding, choppy in your face guitar sounding tunes.
He constantly engages with the audience and his clear string vocal delivery together with the 2 guitarists providing a really tight soundscape results in a really assured professional sound with tinges of oasis, Beatles Jam and Mode era bands. It’s a great retro and new sound mix, which other bands are often going for these days, but this crowd pull it off because they aren’t obviously copying anyone. This was their first festival main stage appearance and without sounding stereo typical , the quality of the arrangements, delivery and just plain good showmanship, mean that , without doubt this band are going to be well know in 12 months. Best debut band I’ve seen to date, bar none. - Festival and Gig Guide

"Ones to Watch 2014 – Saturday Review"


A dapper quartet called Gangs took over the stage at The Village on Saturday night. Owning the venue with street wise swagger, this indie rock guitar led band loaded it up for the duration of their set. They started with “Poison“, they could have pulled off “Tonight I’m a Rock and Roll Star” such was the impact. Front man Jordan appearing very Paul Weller at times blasting out edgy urban vocals proclaiming love, life and the tales of disenfranchised youth. A bit Smiths in places, hints of Oasis, The Jam, Johnny Marr haircuts, well structured guitar layers inhabited with leading bass line riffs. These guys are on the money.

Formed in 2012 from childhood friendships, this foursome from Tallaght seem to know too much for their tender years. “Crumbs in the Bed“ lifts the roof off with it’s mod style, pace and delivery. It literally could be a secret single by The Jam. Urging the crowd closer to the stage, this front man has no fear of engagement. Bouncing into “Daisy“ a pretty little tale of reverb riffs, an enduring bass line of unrequited love and promises of “I’ll never leave you”. A newborn is next “One of Our Own“ composed only days ago. Swift delivery, polished performance. Faint reminders of Ocean Colour Scene (that could just be my own weakness for OCS). Telling his customers to get their cameras out, Jordan launches into the next track promising his punters that their footage will be loaded onto the Gangs Facebook page. Meanwhile the two guitarists, James and Dan, play on, frolicking about the stage, facing each other for guitar gusto, adding even more confidence to this performance. They know what they’re about these fellas. They’ve soaked up the best guitar genes from the last three decades and made it their own. It’s a new generation of glamorous indie rock and roll. They’ve gone from Ones to Watch 2014 to Ones to Catch 2014. Their new single titled “2.15“ is out on Feb 20th. - Dublin Concerts

"Gangs flex their muscles for Sweeneys gig"

Gangs might be being tipped as the hottest group on the block right now but as far as the band are concerned, you should believe the hype.

Childhood friends Jordan, Johnny, Dan and James are a band with a plan – after all they have had their whole lives to devise it.

So the fact that their gigs are selling out and they were snapped up to appear on Other Voices isn’t causing them any concern.

Jordan said: “I don’t think it’s really pressure because obviously we believe we’re going to be the next big thing.

“We started the hype. We were mates for years we have known each other since we were kids and we always played music together. But then we decided to do something seriously about a year and a half ago and go for it.”

Tonight Gangs will headline the latest Retro Revival, with Death In The Sickroom, Thieves and The Invisible Choir providing support.

And the gig in Dublin’s Sweeneys is following the path Jordan says the lads want to take.

He said: “I heard Retro Revival was the first gig The Strypes played in Dublin and we want to go down the same route as them and become the next big band to come out of Ireland.”

It’s lucky Gangs can certainly put their music where their mouth is but fans of the band won’t get to see an album until a label signs them up.

London gigs are in the offing and there are a number of interested parties sniffing around but Jordan says they’ll make sure they have the right one for them.

Meanwhile their reputation is growing at home with more people flocking to see them at each venue.

Jordan said: “We just released a new single 2 15 a couple of weeks ago with a show in Whelans which was really good – the response has been great.

“At the moment we have written a lot of material and we want to get an album together. But in the meantime we’re going to release an EP next and have another single off that just before the summer.

“This year we want to bring out a lot of material because last year we were just playing gigs but if people looked us up online they couldn’t find any information about us. I think there has to be something to listen to.

“The EP will probably be the last thing we do without a label as we are in talks with a good few at the moment we are not going to release an album until we get a label.

“But this EP will be an introduction to Gangs, the first body of work we release.”

Gangs grew up listening to The Beatles, Small Faces, The Kinks The Specials but Jordan says they are not a Mod band, they do have a serious number of sharp-dressed followers already.

Jordan is happy the Mod squad like what they do but the singer is keen to point out that Gangs aren’t like anyone else - they’re Gangs, pure and simple.

Jordan said: “It’s not just a rip off of what’s gone before – we’re all creative individuals.” - Irish Mirror (National Newspaper)

"Gangs sign to Reekus & record new EP with Blades man"

Hot Press favourites Gangs have signed on the dotted line with Irish independent Reekus Records, and are working on a new EP with Brian Foley of The Blades producing.
“Brian’s a hero of ours so we’re really excited about working with him,” enthuses singer Jordan Curtis. “The Blades played a big part in our development and we really look up to them.”The modish Tallaght quartet sneak out of the studio on June 7 to play a Retro Revival Show in Sweeney’s Bar, Dublin with Fallen Rule, Fiction Peaks and Future Phantoms. - See more at: - Hot Press

"Big Start to 2014 for GANGS"

Dublin 60’s style rock and roll band GANGS have been making massive strides since their formation in 2012. Their journey has been brisk, with various sold-out headline shows across the country’s hottest venues, culminating with their appearance on the Other Voices Music Trail in Dingle last December. Now, one month into 2014 they have been nominated by Hot Press Magazine as the Most Promising Irish Act for 2014, an accolade the band is extremely proud of. Jonathan Halpin stated “it’s great that the industry here are starting to really get behind us, we’re excited for people to hear our new stuff too, 2014 is going to be a huge year for us”.

This weekend the Dublin-based teenagers make their way North for a second appearance on RTE’s prestigious event. “We’re just happy to see all the work and commitment pay off more than anything” says Jordan Curtis [lead vocalist]. “We’re on such a high at the moment, it’s great” Jordan continued “this year the plan is to keep recording and playing as many festivals as possible, we can’t wait to hit Derry, we’ve been told by the Other Voices team that the music scene is buzzing up there. We have a big set planned.”

After Derry comes their biggest step yet, as GANGS head to London to perform two dates on March 23rd and 24th, more details to come on those gigs next month. GANGS’ new single, ‘2.15′, will be launching on Feb 20th 2014 on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Enjoy their brand new video below - IMRO


Still working on that hot first release.



GANGS are a Rock n Roll four piece out of Dublin, made up of Jordan Curtis, Dan Smith, James Connolly, and Jonny Halpin. They came together as a band in 2012, backed by their collective appreciation for music and fashion. With a sound and style forged by friendship, talent and a dedication to their craft, the would-be rockers transported themselves to the top of the pile and are now regarded as on...e of Ireland’s hottest new musical prospects.

To date, GANGS have blown away crowds both at home and overseas with a host of sold out shows. They have already had the pleasure of performing at Other Voices in both Dingle and Derry. They have opened for the likes of Palma Violets and headlined the prestigious ‘Ones to Watch’ festival in Dublin. They have graced the stage of London’s iconic Dublin Castle and are to return again in the summer due to popular demand.

2014 is earmarked as a special year for the Dublin band. With a debut EP currently being produced by Reekus Records and their UK and Irish tour in full swing, there’s no saying what GANGS can’t achieve. They kick-started the Summer with a headline slot at Vantastival, Irelands first music festival and immediately followed this with a trip over to Brighton to play at The Great Escape.

GANGS draw inspiration from a wide range of musical icons, most notable of which being The Jam and The Blades. With captivating vocals, two classically trained guitarists and a hard-hitting drummer it’s easy to hear shades of everything from ‘60’s rock n roll’ right up to ‘80’s mod rock’ and beyond wrapped up in GANGS distinct style.

Fuelled by their fans, GANGS aim to make their music as accessible as possible. They will be launching their debut EP on July 31 with two shows at Dublin’s Academy 2, one of which will be especially for under 18’s. Everyone is welcome to ‘Join the GANG’ on their quest for worldwide musical domination.