BandHip HopWorld

The music I would say is eclectic, it has a mixture of jazz, hip-hop, and some classical rolled all into one.


Quentin (21) is the third child of four born to Shavonda Kidd. Quentin (Gangsta) joined the church choir when he was 3 yrs. old. His parent did not allow the children to only listen to one type of music, he was exposed to classical, Jazz, old music from the 50’s to current. His mother wanted to teach her children the art of music. Quentin however decided to also join the choir in elementary school, in middle school he joined the band and learned to play the drums. Due to the constant noise and the neighbors, I asked him to find another instrument to play. LOL! It was the trumpet, then the tuba,I- horn, trombone and other wind instruments. When we moved to GA, a friend in the neighborhood sold Quentin Frooty Loop software, he began to create music (tracks). That was four years ago. He has over 800 tracks in the Copy Right office. He has recorded and written several songs and has done some shows in the Atlanta, club scenes. He composes his own tracks, and writes his own music,,,,, sometimes as he thinks of a song he will make a track based on the sound he wants, or he will make a track based on the music in his mind and write as he compose. He also makes tracks for his lil sister.


In Too Deep,,,, Club Life,,,,, I Know,,, You Lying

Set List

He can do several songs, with his show tracks.