Gangsta LOC

Gangsta LOC

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This music is the inner citys sound track. No lies. No hype. Just truth. Real life emotion delivered over bangin beats.


Eternal Hustle Recordz was founded by ex-gangster and hustler Gangsta LOC of Houston,Tx. The vision of Eternal Hustle is to make music that people in that same (n-hood)lifestyle can relate to. The music however is not just intended to entertain, but to cause the listeners to think. What if theres more to life? What if there iz a God? What if I'm wrong? What if I need to change?

Why this name?
I used to Hustle in tha hood, but that Hustle was temporary. After time in tha dopegame I have nothin to show for it. All my earnings were squandered away. Now my hustle iz bringin truth to the hood. The profits of this Hustle are Eternal riches!!!


God Bless America Compilation 2002 feat. Nuwine, Exodus, Navigator

New Voices Compilation 2002 feat. Bless't, Valerie Lpz,

Slow Lane Chronicles Compilation 2003 feat. Lil Raskull, Critical Issue, S.O.M, (screwed and chopped by Paul Wall

Set List

My set list consists of 5 songs from my upcoming ep "Cry Now Smile Later". My average set last about 20 minutes with my current material.