Gangsta Politician Mafia
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Gangsta Politician Mafia

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Latest Singles:

What About You
Shake It
Tear the Club Up
If U Go Against the Covenant
We Break Em' Down feat. Big John Burbon



G.P. Movement aka, GP Mafia and GOD’S PROPERTY, is the new age of True hip hop, a new breed of message-related music, bringing together street knowledge, political issues, real life testimonies and the word of GOD. With a style like no other accompanied by hard-hitting tracks. They uncover real-life issues and uplifting music for the youth and masses worldwide. The artists include CHAMP-PAIN, General of G.P.M., DON RAY, and YOUNG PO. The group delivers life experiences influenced by and related to single parent homes, lack of father figures, life struggles, as well as many other issues concerning everyday people.

Born in the Bronx, NY, CHAMP-PAIN and DON RAY grew up and were raised by their mother while their father was heavily involved in the street life, selling and using drugs, and constantly getting caught up with the law. During their adolescent and post adolescent years they never knew the presence of their father, but always wished they did. YOUNG PO was born in Brooklyn, NY. In the earlier parts of his life he left the N.Y.C due to the divorce between his mom and dad. His mom had gained custody of him, remarried and headed down to Maryland and Virginia where he spent the majority of his adolescence. (Clinton, MD & Centreville, VA). Po’s father still had visitation rights and time was still spent with family, but during the late 80's and early 90's his father was battling a severe drug addiction which divided his family even more.

In August of 2001 CHAMP (Shariyf Lester) decided to move to Atlanta because things in New York were not working out for him. This relocation to the ATL turned out to be a life changing event. Though he dropped out of High School and got his GED. CHAMP was determined to make a positive change in his life. CHAMP started working as a loan officer for a Mortgage Company, using his street hustle skills in a positive and legal way. He then met Milwaukee Black, who at the time was producing tracks for 8-Ball and MJG. Milwaukee and CHAMP connected immediately and in turn he helped CHAMP develop his talent and passion for music. At that time CHAMP linked up with artists named PHIL-BOY (Out the Bronx, NY), YOUNG PO (Out of Brooklyn, NY), and YUNG L.A. (Out of ATL, GA). CHAMP later started G.P.MAFIA, aka THE G.P. MOVEMENT.

CHAMP, YOUNG PO and the rest of the G.P. Delegates, established a bond as the years progressed through their struggles together, and just undoubtedly established loyalty for one another as a family. YOUNG PO and CHAMP began recording more and more songs as time progressed and the movement grew stronger. Later on, in 2004, CHAMP’S brother, DON RAYHAAN, moved to Atlanta to finish college and strengthen G.P. MAFIA. On November 19th 2005 DON RAY was shot at point blank range with an AK-47, while driving on his way to a local store. After surviving the shot, DON RAY drove himself home where he saw YOUNG PO who drove him to the hospital. CHAMP, DON RAYHAAN and YOUNG PO knew that only GOD saved him from that unfortunate fate. The blessing behind that is that he made a full recovery a year prior than expected. They received that as one of many signs from GOD to keep moving and speaking GOD’S word through music.