Gani Mirzo Band

Gani Mirzo Band


Gani Mirzo is a Kurdish, of Syrian Origins.
In 1995 he created a group playing his own composition that vary within Kurdish Oriental Music for lute, accompanied by an Algerian singer, a flamenco guitar, flamenco drum case, cello by cuban artist, oriental percussion from morocco and, clarinet


Gani Mirzo is a Kurdish musician, from Qamichi, Syria, is a great expert in oriental music, teacher and composer for Lute.
In 1995 he creates the Gani Mirzo Band, known for its investigation and fusion of different musical tendencies: Kurdish music, oriental music and flamenco.
The band’s arrangements include Gani’s own creations interrelating oriental Kurdish music for Lute, and accompanied by other instruments like the Flamenco guitar, contrabass, oriental percussion, and clarinet.

This continuous research with diverse instruments and the fusion of different musical traditions like flamenco, oriental music, jazz and so on, has been concretized by Gani Mirzo in charming and innovative forms of playing the Lute by using both traditional and diverse or original music techniques.


Roni - 5 songs
Totico - 6 songs
"100 i una noches" musical - Sound track - 24 songs