One mad scientist playing through every genre imaginable, using a combination of Ukulele and Nintendo-esque keyboards to unify the brand. There are no limits, but definite influences... Sonic Youth, Pavement, Beatles, Paul Williams, and Sam Cooke.


Gannon is Aj Pyatak, a one man show with a constantly changing cast of supporting musicians. Aj has been making music ever since he can remember. From homemade guitars made of lampshades to sampled Mario Bro's fight sounds, Aj decided early on that putting limits on his sound making abilities would be a grave error. The music changed over the years, but the idea remained the same, make something real. Aj went to art school and then grew up to be a computer repairman, always continuing to make music every free second he had. He now manages the technical aspect of post production facility Outpost Digital in Santa Monica, and calls it's sound studio home. Between working on new material and putting band-aids on computers, Aj also mixes audio for television and commercials as well as albums for fellow bandmates on his self run label Hot Rod Porta Records.

Gannon makes public appearances when he can, and even played a set with Between The Pine at this years Foo Fest in RI. The future is bright, and there's no shortage of music from the Gannon camp. His latest EP release, "But The Love Never Stays", comes from 80H records, and packs a serious punch with it's headline track Flying Blind. Gannon is currently hard at work in the studio assembling his next release "Oh Look, It's Morning Again" which is scheduled to be released in mid 2008.


partial discography
"The Golden State" - released 2004
"A Planned Escape" - released 2005
includes the song "A Planned Escape" featured in the film B.I.K.E.
"Luck or Fate" - released 2006
"Rush to Wait EP" - released on 80H records web EP 2006
"The Company Pays" - released as web EP 2007
"But The Love Never Stays EP" - released on 80H records web EP 2007
upcoming... "Oh Look, It's Morning Again" from Hot Rod Porta Records 2008

Set List

The set list varies for every venue, but it may include covers of "Folsom Prison Blues", "A Change is Gonna Come", "Funeral Home" or Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable"