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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Video | Gaoler’s Daughter – Cordelia"

ondon band Gaoler’s Daughter broke onto the music scene in 2012 with three well received singles and are poised to take 2013 by storm with the release of their debut album, How To Make Time, on August 26th. The band has been leaving their rock n’ roll mark on many a UK stage, and have gathered up quite the fanbase thanks in part to a pretty hectic tour schedule and fiery live show. In fact, the fans are fully responsible for funding the upcoming record, which is a true testament of devotion for a relatively new band.

Check out the fantastic new video for the day-dreamy “Cordelia,” which will be released as a single on August 12. Beautiful people driving around beautiful cars while passing around beautiful amounts of cash. Can’t ask for much more from your entertainment. - Music Savage


Today, we are delighted to premiere the impressive video for the new song by Gaoler's Daughter. After one listen to 'Cordelia', you won't be surprised to hear that they previously toured with We Are Scientists - fans of that band's earlier material (With Love and Squalor-era stuff in particular) will definitely be able to get behind this. There's also a good dash of Phoenix thrown in there as well. If you're in the mood for a shot of musical energy, then 'Cordelia' is definitely for you.

The song's released as a single on August 12th, and it's taken from the band's fan-funded debut album, How to Make Time, due two weeks later. - Gaoler's Daughter - 'Cordelia'

"My, they’re a good looking bunch aren’t they!"

My, they’re a good looking bunch aren’t they!

We’ve posted about Gaoler’s Daughter a couple of times on Mad Mackerel and they’ve definitely been one of those bands we’ve marked out as worth keeping an eye on. An unusual mix of styles and sounds and a great ear for melody means they demand the listener’s attention and then retain the capacity to consistently surprise them.

Their new self-released EP is called Rhyme & Treason and is due for release on the 15th November. It contains four tracks and the first thing we noticed was that they seem to have beefed up their sound somewhat giving them a harder, sinewy edge than they possessed before. It works well and adds an extra degree of depth and power to the songs that is most welcome. As with all their previous releases, it is a genre-bending offering with elements of reggae, folk, pop, rock and even a touch of jazz in there too, but the guitar jangle and persuasive percussion are staples again and give the tracks a solid base from which to explore.

Visit their website here, where you can hear the rest of the EP’s tracks too. Download previous EPs via eMusic here.

Download Gaoler’s Daughter – Angry Eyes mp3 (from Rhyme & Treason EP)

Download Gaoler’s Daughter – Sun Coming Up (from Alchemy EP) - The Mad Mackerel

"You know that knew sound you're looking for?"

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You know that new sound you’re looking for?
October 23, 2010

Gaoler's Daughter

I’ll be honest, it’s not often I hear music that is different from what I’ve heard before. Gaoler’s Daughter just might be that new sound Marvin has been looking for (Back to the Future movie reference… just in case you’ve never seen that movie… I’m sure there are people that haven’t… maybe). This band’s music has aspects of genres that I’ve heard before, I’m just not sure that I’ve heard them all together like this.

For example, the beginning of “Angry Eyes” sounds like Reggae on the mandolin. I know, crazy right? Then, just when my brain decided this was a weird Reggae song, the pre-chorus part goes from the Reggae beat to a Jazz or Latin sound… I can’t quite pin point it at this moment. Then, if that’s not freaking your musical senses out enough, the chorus is similar to the Pop/Rock sound of R.E.M.

In short, this song is at least three genres rolled into one. Therefore, I have come up with a brand new genre of music to classify Gaoler’s Daughter. This is exciting. I’m going to be famous. Just remember you heard this genre here first folks. Ready?

The new genre is: Menagerie

1. A collection of live wild animals on exhibition or an enclosure in which wild animals are kept.
2. A diverse or miscellaneous group.

These guys have some shows coming up in the UK which I’ll be posting here at IndieShows soon. You should definitely check them out if you’re in that area.
Gaoler’s Daughter :: Angry Eyes - Indieshowsblog

"Pick of the best albums of 2009"

One's to watch for 2010 - Rollo & Grady

"Gaoler’s Daughter at the Flowerpot Camden"

On a freezing cold night in Camden on Friday, Gaoler’s Daughter braved the elements to play at Flowerpot in Camden and they weren’t alone. The attraction of the band saw a decent sized audience turn up, including people from well outside London, such is their developing draw.

The guys who make up the band are a really good bunch of hard working and dedicated musicians, who obviously enjoy their craft and are dedicated to music, this comes out both in their attitude and evident pleasure in playing live.

The good things about bands like Gaoler’s Daughter, is that genuinely like meeting their fan-base and were busy talking to various people around the venue, when a few taps on the shoulder and they appeared on stage. With no effort they launched in to their opening track, Boomerang Boy, which is taken from their upcoming EP.

These are highly competent musicians, who work superbly together. It is always good to get a chance to see a band live, as the structure of a band is much more evident in live performance and the music is always fresher to my ears. By the end of Boomerang Boy the crowd was completely in to the evening.

I had enjoyed the EP versions of From Russia with Love and Jumbo Jet, but in performance they take on an extra dimension. Many drummers can appear slightly lost behind their drum kit, but with Gaoler’s Daughter, Ben is an integral part of the band, and unusually works closely with the lead guitar, rather than just through the bass, as he dictates the pace of the set. Watching Alex, who appears to be lost in a world of his own as he gets his guitar to sing is an absolute delight, yet don’t be deluded by that appearance, the whole band is tightly focused.

Halfway through the set I was that engrossed, I took another chance to look round the venue and even the far reaches at the back, people were craning their necks to see the band and there was a swaying motion among the audience. With a superb reggae number, Man at Gate 9, Alfie on bass kept up a great rhythm and the dancers in the audience broke out in full force.

John had the crowd in hs hands throughout the set with his distinctive voice and strong stage presence and as he announced the final song for the evening, there was a palpable feeling of disappointment, that it was almost over.

The final song for the set, Bad News, taken from the new EP left me feeling that Gaoler’s Daughter have plenty in the tanks and should be around for some time to come. Their disparate influences and undoubted creative abilities, make them a band well worth seeing live and listening to on recorded output.

I had a chance to talk to all of the guys for quite a long time, which I really appreciate, if you get to see them on their upcoming tour, I will get the dates up pretty soon, I would recommend it, failing that, failing to get your hands on the soon to be released Alchemy EP would be a sin.

I was intrigued how a band made up of experienced musicians with strong opinions could ever manage to agree on anything. It works because these guys believe in what they are doing and do get on well together and I was struck with the respect they had for what each of them brought to the band.

With talk of a European tour coming up in the not too distant future, Gaoler’s Daughter deserve a great year as they continue to plough a furrow that is their own.

Thanks to all the guys for taking the time out to chat and even taking my phone call in the middle of preparing for the set that night. Keep doing what you are doing. -

"'Alchemy' by Gaoler's Daughter"

With the cult success from their previous EP, 'The Only Way To Travel', Gaolers Daughter return with another staple British gem. 'Alchemy' is released on the 6th June with a physical release the following day. Don't be fooled by the title though, as there is no wizardry going on here, just an example of what strong classic song writing can achieve.
'Alchemy' leads with the fast and frenetic 'Boomerang Boy'. Slightly disjointed in the grand scheme of things for this release. With it's powerful guitar work and production by Micko Larkin, guitarist for the now disbanded Larrikin Love and now with Hole, it's a driving assault of riff heavy rock. I think what does is not set you up for what's to come. What is a good strong opener, for me, sadly becomes lost in a wave of fuzz that seems out of place. But don't fret as 'Meet You On The Other Side Of The World' is a track I want to hear every day of the week, oh wait, I have been doing that already. This for me is one of the best songs I have heard this year so far. It's a beautiful whimsical ode to a loved one that is simply sublime. With it's quirky wordplay that is reminiscent of 'Bright Eyes' and it's jolly folky coda's that make you want to dance around. Grab your lover's hand as one listen to this and it will certainly be your soundtrack to the Summer Of Love 2010!

'Sun's Coming Up' is a happy go lucky indie classic. Comparisons to The Libertines unfortunately are not too far behind, but that is a compliment. They have captured an essence of memorable tune smith moments and wrapped them up in this absolute bundle of joy. Nod your head and tap your feet and make the world a better place, as the 'Sun's Coming Up' so let your troubles fly away. We end on a slightly darker note with 'Bad News'. Laced with some dreamy guitar picking and with subtle string section overtones, it gives it a warm but eerie feel. A nod to the late 80's/early 90's indie hey days, which gives it a similarity but at the same time it's like nothing you have heard before.

What I get from 'Alchemy' is a 'boy meet girl' story entwined with some charming song writing. Lad about town (Boomerang Boy) meets girl and they fall in love (Meet You On The Other Side Of The World). Things are going great but somethings not quite right (Sun's Coming Up) and then sadly it all ends in tears (Bad News). Maybe I have just made all that up, and the guys will tell me I'm sure. Besides from me reading too much into 'Alchemy', it's a class act with a delightfully bright underbelly. Full of grace and whimsical pickings make this EP a slice of summery brilliance.

For more info on the band, head over to their website for news, gig dates and t-shirts!! -


12th August 2013 - 'Cordelia' single
26th August 2013 - 'How To Make Time' album



‘How To Make Time’ is the debut album by Gaoler’s Daughter, fan funded by the loyal collection of independent music bloggers and live music lovers who admire their sound.
The band released several singles last year that were championed by Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy Tom Robinson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Tom Ravenscroft, Rich Walters and The Selector’s Goldierocks (amongst other UK taste-makers) and clocked up 4 Hype Machine #1's as well as featuring on the Hype Machine radio show.
The success of these singles and their growing live reputation lead to a UK support tour with Babyshambles and slots with Graham Coxon and We Are Scientists as well as several prestigious venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.