Garage Voice

Garage Voice


Melodic, Organic, Lush and Dynamic. Garage Voice blends jazz, bossa nova and classical music into a unique indie rock sound.


"[Garage Voice] makes emotionally significant, pretty music full of pianos, soft cymbal drama, and smooth falsetto. The result is inquisitive pop devoid of ego or self-importance. Taking selflessness and faith for subject matter, the members of Garage Voice have the good sense to let their lyrics extend to the universal, and the good taste to let their songs breathe." - Andrew Matson, The Pacific Northwest Inlander, Spokane

"Breathy Seattle rockers mix earnestness with some truly bizarre, electrifying keyboard heroics." - The Pacific Northwest Inlander, Spokane

"They do absolutely love to jam (wait until you see Thomas and Bruce collaborate together on one keyboard)." - Julia Lipscomb, The Spokane Sidekick

Garage Voice, the jazz-inspired rock trio from Seattle, is enthusiastic to share their newly developed sound after spending a year recording their upcoming album, Let Those Who Have Ears Hear. Tommy, Bruce and Patrick live together and write spiritual music that is directly influenced by their deep friendship and sincere desire to grow in love for others. This is shown on their new album; from "Amour", an elegy for a disintegrating marriage, to "Release Your Doubt", a piece that beholds the struggle between uneasiness and intimacy with God.

"On Let Those Who Have Ears Hear, Altruism is contrasted with Egoism," says bassist Bruce Pearson. "Selflessness, trust and humility arouse love and peace, while Selfishness incites fear, doubt and pride. John the Beloved wrote that perfect love casts out all fear. Our new album is about this very wonder: that perfect love heals our relationships with others, with ourselves and with the Divine."

Garage Voice will independently release their album and start a national tour April 21 at Club Impact in Tacoma. Until then they will be updating their Myspace and website with new photos and blogs.


I'm On Your Side

Written By: Garage Voice

Remember the treasure
We buried so long ago
He rose to heaven
Stands by the throne
Of God our Maker
The Creator of our form
By Jesus, by Him we're reborn

I'm on your side, I won't leave you

The Calmer of the storm
While on water said, "Peace be still"
We're in this fire together not alone
The Cornerstone that was rejected
Has called us His own

I'm on your side, I won't leave you


Let Those Who Have Ears Hear- April 2007
Safe From All Alarms- June 2004
All Works Out EP- May 2003

Three songs from our new album can be heard at, and another two at

We are played regularly on KAOS FM in Olympia

Set List

Set times are typically 45 min - an hour in length. We only perform original material.

Here is a typical set:

Perfect Love
Safe From All Alarms
I'm On Your Side
Avec Jesus Je Suis Fort
Accountability Movements
If Anybody
All to Pieces
Please Don't Mistake
Jungle Song