Garcia the Eclectic

Garcia the Eclectic

 Norfolk, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

The most creative rap album in years-- substance driven lyrics, impecable flow, wordplay, and straight up skill makes this LP a classic. With diverse lyrical themes and a unique sound; this album has a mid-nineties feel that's undeniable to any true hip hop head, or lover of old school.


An ode to the boom bap hip hop of the mid-nineties, Garcia The Eclectic's "Global Judas" provides a mixture of hardcore battle tracks and emotional content, all with the poverty-stricken, East coast nineties flavor. The album is a sort of audiobiography, including stories and events woven together with violent, suicidal, emotional expression and various nihilistic and quasi-religious philosophical anecdotes; all held together with image-driven hip hop reminiscent of early Nas. Written with careful consideration to detail, this album was crafted with the upmost appreciation for the art of hip hop, and the perfectionist emcee's effort shines through......delivering a modern classic.


Global Judas (March 2011)

Bus Pass LP (Upcoming)

Set List

1. The Seafarer
2. Yellow Vans
3. Tend the Rabbits
4. Reverse Creation
5. Inconsolable Rage