Buffalo, New York, USA

Destroy Everything.


Industrial Rock. From Buffalo, NY, Garda has been inspired by David Bowie’s androgyny, the dark wave sound of Joy Division and the industrial edge of NIN, Garda forms in 2009. Literally taking their name from “Guardians,” the police force of the Republic of Ireland, the group’s 2010 debut revealed a band that was subversive, sexy, stylish and showing no fear. Initially catering to Upstate New York’s nightclub scene, the band’s subsequent live shows were met with underground dance club success right from the start. Composed of multi-instrumentalists Chris Miller, Eric Szymanski, and Ken Devlin, and with the addition of drummer Rändy Käus, Garda focuses their signature sound and lyrics around a dark dynamic. But from the beginning, they were simply an alt-rock group that got very ambitious. Not that Garda set out to prove anything; they are simply and sincerely in it for the music and always have been.


2010- GRAPHITE (single)
2011- KNIVES (single)