we are a 80s heavy-metal-band,out of vancover washington,have-7-finished albums,crenshaw writes all music,and founder of garden of eden,founded in 1982,,,,,,


well we have opened,up for lots,of national,acts,from,wasp,dio,greatwite,blue oyster cult,foghat,micheal schenker,to doing vocals,with chris slade,drummer,from,ac-dc-weve toured with alot of bands,asw you know times has changed,is their any,promoters,or,management welling to work with us,this band is long over due,this help us,give us one show to prove to you we deserve to be signed and touring,i believe in my music,do you.............crenshaw


our music can be heard,,click on garden -of eden---- to myspace,for,music,,,

Set List

9-to15-songsets,,,,,,,,,1.warrior,2.the grind,3.evil women,4.their she goes again,,5.walkaway,, you like me,,7.ready to rock.8,feel-me,,,9,shine-on,10,im feelin,,,backstagelover,,,,,,,etc,,,,,,,