Gardner Moseley Band

Gardner Moseley Band

 Trussville, Alabama, USA

Fusing a rich theological heritage with modern rock stylings, The Gardner Moseley Band is set to change the face of contemporary worship. Whether you are looking for a driving concert or a heartfelt worship service. Gardner Moseley Band has what you need to make it happen.


Consisting of Gardner Moseley, Seth Staton, and Cory Swinford, the Gardner Moseley Band has worked together unofficially for nearly five years. Each serving in some capacity in their local United Methodist Churches, each member has a strong passion for spreading God’s fame throughout the world in ways that are real and relevant to the world today. As their ministries have grown in their local churches, however, it seemed that it was time to take their work to a new level, sharing their gifts beyond their respective churches through the recording Shine Through.

Lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, Gardner Moseley grew up as the son of a United Methodist Church choir director. Having a seemingly innate talent for music, Gardner found his niche in playing drums for a Christian rock band in high school. In college, he was hired as a worship leader for the first time, and has since found his life’s calling: to convey the deep riches of faith through modern instrumentation.

Judging by his advanced skills in percussion, you wouldn’t believe that Seth Staton, a 2010 high school graduate, is the young talent of the group. Growing up Pentecostal, Seth actually became a United Methodist in 2008 and has brought the trademark enthusiasm of his former tradition to the band.

Guitarist and bassist Cory Swinford has worked with Gardner consistently for the last five years, offering subtle but steady support for the band. Having been a member of the youth group of the church Gardner served as worship leader, Cory was invited by Gardner to offer his musical talents to the church band. Thankfully, Cory obliged. Thus, the tall, quiet, mystery man rounds out the Gardner Moseley Band.

Ultimately, the band hopes to share its challenging theology, rooted in ancient church doctrine, and bring a modern flair that will captivate traditional and contemporary worshippers alike.


Shine Through

Written By: Gardner Moseley

who in all the earth compares to YOU | to YOUR glory and YOUR honor | even the angels stand in awe of YOU | of YOUR power and YOUR majesty | take away my pride and take away my dignity | take away the arrogance within | take away my selfishness and break me down to nothing with YOU shining through

may all be stripped from me til there’s only | til there’s only YOU | and there’s nothing left to see but YOUR glory | but YOUR glory LORD

YOU created heavens and the earth for YOUR glory and YOUR honor | the universe proclaims how great YOU are | YOUR power and YOUR majesty | so take away my pride and take away my dignity | take away the arrogance within | take away my selfishness and break me down to nothing | deficiency | iniquity | the filthiness of sin

may YOUR glory and YOUR honor and YOUR power and YOUR majesty shine through that all the world might see


Written By: Gardner Moseley

YOU are exalted over all the nations | YOUR glory is above the heavens | YOUR fame it reaches to the ends of the earth | YOUR renown across the universe | and we are but dust | crafted for YOUR glory | and we bow down for YOU alone are worthy

be lifted | exalted | for YOU are holy | there is none like YOU

for YOU are exalted in YOUR power | lifted up in YOUR holiness | YOUR renown extends over YOUR creation | so we humble ourselves and we worship

Hearts on Fire

Written By: Fred Pratt Green, Wade Langer & Gardner Moseley

the joy of this heart and the aim of this soul is to know YOU and to please YOU and to spread YOUR saving love to the world | YOUR saving love to the world | ever aware of HIS presence unseen and having eyes that are fixed | sure | never doubting HIS grace | never doubting HIS grace

whom have i in heaven but YOU | be the strength of this heart

happy in GOD | we’re rejoicing always because the present and past and future glory is won | won by HIS blood.

come down | HOLY SPIRIT help us keep the vows we make | this very day invade us | every bondage break | come give our lives direction | the gift we most desire | to share YOUR resurrection | set our hearts on fire

FIRE inspire every thought will and action to do good | do no harm | and stay in love with YOU GOD | in love with YOU GOD | the fullness of GOD | the nearness of CHRIST overflowing | ever growing | showing forth in my life | bringing back the image of GOD

In Your Deliverance

Written By: Gardner Moseley

terror pierces the night and dread plagues the darkness | so in YOU | LORD i will place my trust | as light brightens the day | still harm lies in my path | so in YOU | LORD i will place my trust

and from iniquity i flee into the shadow of YOUR wings | sheltered from the sin that weakens me

for YOU say | if you love ME | I will rescue you | if you trust ME | I’ll protect you | just call MY name and I will help you stand | if you’re in trouble | I’ll be with you to guide you and honor you | LORD i place my life into YOUR hands | in YOUR deliverance

many fall around me and try to drag me down | but in YOU | LORD i will place my trust | with angels all around me | i will tread on evil’s name | for in YOU | LORD i will place my trust

Anthem of the Weak

Written By: Gardner Moseley

sacrifice is taking all i am | to be concise it’s getting harder and harder to stand | muscle lock down | and it’s breaking me now | and i’m crying out loud | help me somehow

give me strength to be weak enough | to be meek enough for YOU LORD | and the confidence to be low enough | humbled low enough to give YOU all i am

blessed are the ones who are broken for YOU | persecuted | beaten but faithful to YOU | oppressed for standing for YOU | marked and branded for YOU | lungs expand as i cry | help me somehow

How Happy are We

Written By: Charles Wesley, Wade Langer & Gardner Moseley

when my heart first believed | what a joy i received | what heaven in JESUS’ name | that sweet comfort was mine | when the FATHER divine | on the cross all my sin overcame

how happy are we as we joyfully seek to adore and obey | words can’t describe this sweet comfort inside when in heaven our treasure we lay

bringing heaven to earth | HE abandoned HIS worth | and the angels could do nothing more | than to fall at HIS feet | and the story repeat | and the LOVER of sinners adore

JESUS all the day long was my joy | was my song | come and see | come and hear how LOVE’s finally come near | HE has loved me i’ll cry | for HE’s suffered and died | to redeem such a rebel as i

oh the rapturous height of that holy delight | which i felt in the life giving blood | by my SAVIOR possessed | i was perfectly blessed | as if filled with the fullness of GOD

More in Love With You

Written By: Gardner Moseley

searching for ways to show how i feel | searching for ways to show that it’s real | searching for ways to express to YOU now | to show YOU somehow | to speak it out loud | this hunger and thirst that fills my soul | i want YOU to know

i’m falling more in love with YOU | wanting nothing more than to be with YOU | i’m falling more in love with YOU

Come Thou Fount

Written By: Robert Robinson, John Wyeth & Jackson Moseley

come THOU FOUNT of every blessing | tune my heart to sing THY grace | streams of mercy never ceasing | call for songs of loudest praise | teach me some melodious love song | sung by flaming tongues above | praise the mount | i’m fixed upon it | mount of GOD’s unchanging love

oh to grace how great a debtor | daily i’m constrained to be | let THY goodness | like a fetter | bind my wandering heart to THEE | prone to wander | LORD i feel it | prone to leave the GOD i love | here’s my heart | LORD take and seal it | seal it for THY courts above

LIVING WATER | GOD renew me | HOLY SPIRIT flow right through me | empty out my life completely | melt me | mold me | fill me | use me


Written By: Ruth Duck & Gardner Moseley

how can we forgive when bonds of love are torn | and how can we rise | our trust reborn | when human loving fails and every hope is gone | YOUR love it gives us strength beyond our own

when we have missed the mark and tears begin to flow | how can YOU release our guilt | the debt that we owe | the ocean depth of grace surpasses all our needs | a priest who shares our human pain | CHRIST YOU intercede

forgiveness | forgiveness | we drop the stones of judgement at our sides | forgiveness | forgiveness | forgive us as we forgive

who dares to throw a stone to damn another’s sin | when YOU while knowing all our past forgive again | no more we play the judge for by YOUR grace we live | as YOU oh GOD forgive our sin may we forgive

Take Me Now

Written By: Danielle & Gardner Moseley

here i am before YOU | speak to me | calm my weary soul and set me free | i lift my hands to praise YOU | YOU are the lamb | YOU make me feel alive when i am down | so take me | and fill me

i will not wait for YOU to bid me to bow down at YOUR feet | to fall to my knees and feel YOUR presence rushing over me

why should YOU have to call my name | when YOU gave YOUR life to ease my pain | and why should YOU have to beckon me | i’ll give YOU my all | i’ll give everything


"Shine Through" released March 2010

Set List

We do both concerts and worship services that can include our songs and covers of other worship songs. Here's a few...

Our Songs...
Shine Through
Hearts on Fire
In Your Deliverance
Anthem of the Weak
How Happy are We
More in Love With You
Come Thou Fount
Take Me Now

Worship Songs…
All Because of Jesus
All Creatures of Our God and King
All For You
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Blessed Be Your Name
Everlasting God
Finding Who We Are
From the Inside Out
Happy Day
Healing is In Your Hands
Here I am to Worship
History Maker
How Great is Our God
How He Loves
Jesus Paid it All
Let God Arise
Made to Worship
Marvelous Light
Mighty to Save
O For a Thousand Tongues
O Praise Him
Our God
Song of the Redeemed
Vision of You
You Never Let Go
Your Love is Extravagant

These are by no means all the worship songs we know. These are just a sample to give you a general idea. For a compl