Garen Markarian is a singer/songwriter who plays a number of instruments. His travels, musical knowledge, and fascination with world cultures (brasilian, arabic, european folk, etc...), have provided him with plenty of resouces to apply to his beautifully crafted folk/pop songs


Garen Markarian is an unsigned, independent singer-songwriter/producer, who performed his first recital on the violin at the age of 7. He picked up the guitar at age 14, and formed a variety of bands throughout his high school and university career. With the accentuated use of guitars and the economic application of world instruments, Garen has been intriguing audiences with his versatile singing and musicianship. This multi-instrumentalist continuously delivers an honest and sincere live performance, keeping the listeners refreshed with curiosity. His independently released E.P. "odd ones..." (2005) received critical acclaim at college radio stations across North America, and continues to garner respect amongst his counterparts in the industry.

"Health Crisis"? is Garen's debut full-length album, an introduction to his brand of original music. Each song creates a unique landscape of melancholy nostalgia with the use of elegant melodies. With his ability to efficiently play numerous instruments, his travels and fascination for world cultures (South American, Reggae, European folk, etc.) have provided him with plenty of resources to apply to his beautifully crafted songs.


Garen "Health Crisis" - 2007
Garen "odd ones..." - 2005
Overview "8songs" - 2003
Overview "Coming Through in Waves" - 2001

Set List

Set list varies from 6 to 20+ songs, depending on the venue, and the pay, etc...

95% original material, plus some covers: ranging from rock, pop, country, dancehall reggae, to top 40.