Gareth Asher

Gareth Asher

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Honest music with passion and grit, the kind you roll the windows down to, and let your hand fly about the wind as you drive through life. I call it Southern Soul; Jackson Browne meets Otis Redding if you will. We pride ourselves on the live show, delivering a sound that is genuinely our own.


(An American Artist)

Born and raised in a small town of West GA, music found Gareth at an early age. "My family was very musical. My Father a songwriter/guitarist, my Mother a drummer. They were part of the hot local band, Touchstone, and they would play parties in barns and fields, build stages out of old trailers and plywood, and rock the local gatherings of hippies and music lovers. I have fond memories of watching my Mom breaking drum sticks, and my Dad singing the songs that I still sing today. Their love for music paved the way for me. They were... they are my main inspiration", says Asher.

Gareth also attributes many of his musical sensibilities to influential artists like Jackson Browne, and Otis Redding. Some of his current influences are more contemporary - Toad the Wet Sproket, Aqualung, and Amos Lee among them.

Gareth's newest (untitled) CD release slated for early 2012 is currently in production. And just before the sessions began in the fall of this year, Gareth's demos caught the attention of a fellow Georgian and iconic keyboardist Chuck Leavell, who spends his spare time helping out his pals The RollingStones and Eric Clapton, playing piano and B-3 Organ on their tours. As Chuck was laying down keyboard tracks for the new Gareth CD he commented “Gareth Asher is an acceptional songwriter and truly unique vocalist.” The other band members to join in on the 2011 sessions were guitar wizard Jack Pearson (Allman Brothers Band), Pat McDonald (CDB) and Randy Smith (Larry Carlton).

“Those guys amazed us all. They added some real magic to the tunes!” stated Gareth after the tracking sessions.

And the X-Factor add-ons continued in 2011 as Hollywood Indie Film Producer/Director Shayde Christian walked in on a Gareth set at the World Famous “Eddie's Attic” in Decatur, GA just outside Atlanta. Christian was so taken by the young Singer-Songwriter, he has scrapped ALL of the music for his up and coming feature film “PAINTING IN THE RAIN” to insert 7 Gareth songs including “Safe and Sound”, a haunting duet that will play through the credits – which read ...”Music By Gareth Asher”.

As a touring artist, Asher has shared the stage with Shawn Mullins, Glen Philips, Emerson Hart, Angie Aparo, Steve Cropper and more. So as the new CD is made ready for early 2012 release, watch for Gareth Asher & The Earthlings at a music venue near you real soon.

“When I'm onstage it's a real quiet zone for me where I can zone out the whole world and play and sing. Once that first chord is struck I'm in a magical place where everything is perfect” says Asher.

Holly Firfer of Atlanta media fame said “Gareth Asher has the most soulful voice I have ever heard. I imagine that this is what it was like for those who heard Ray Charles or John Lennon for the first time.”

It has been said that some things were just meant be. And once you witness Gareth Asher's level of conviction in his music and his performances, it's not hard to affirm that this is exactly where this man was destined to spend his days (and nights).


Between the Smiles and Tears 2010 LP

I'm The Earth 2007 LP

No Reality 2004 LP