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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | SELF

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"With third album in the works, Garfan ready to do battle"

With third album in the works, Garfan ready to do battle

Dale Hayes may have lost his sight, but he is not without artistic vision.
Hayes' band, Garfan, will compete in a Battle of the Bands at 8:30 p.m. Friday at the Grove alongside bands Emotional Garbage, Artillery Funk and Evicted.
Before starting the band in 2004, the South Sioux City native had lost his vision to diabetic retinopathy. His diabetes also cost him his right leg, which was amputated soon after, and he now requires regular dialysis. But his health problems haven't impeded his desire to perform, he says.
"It really hasn't stopped me from playing," Hayes said. "I started out playing when I was 15, and really you shouldn't be looking at the frets when you play anyway. It's kind of like typing. Others see it as a bigger obstacle than I do."
Moreover, Hayes insisted his blindness has made him more attuned to the music during the band's performances.
"I don't have a visual reference point," he said. "I don't get distracted by the crowd, and there are a lot of things you pick up on that you usually don't. I hear a lot of little subtle things that I think some of the guys in the band tend to miss."
Garfan is a five-piece alternative rock band. Hayes and drummer Eric Lee are the only remaining members of the original 2004 lineup. Since then the band has added guitarist Lee Tasey, bassist Kirk Payne and lead vocalist Jane Marie.
"I've done stints as a metalhead," Hayes said, "but we prefer something that's a bit more melodic. I'm responsible for the music. If you like it you can praise me; if you hate it you can blame me. I've got quite a catalog that I've written, and in a number of different styles."
Garfan has released two albums: "Borrowed Time" in 2004 and "Family Affair" in 2008. "Family Affair" opened to positive critical reception locally, and the band has sold hundreds of copies of the album at live shows alone. The band is working on its third album, "Dinner for One," at Lincoln's SadSon studio.
"Our first album had R&B, alternative, gothic, rock and blues. It really wasn't very focused. Since then we've tried to nail the focus of it down." - Lincoln Journal Star, Ground Zero


Family Affair - 2008
Borrowed Time - 2004



Garfan is a music project started by Dale Hayes Sr. in 2004. A combination of incredible skill and incredible passion on the guitar. Dale is the driving force behind Garfan's music. With a wide variety of styles and abilities, Garfan is the alternative rock voice translating life into music with appeal and clarity in fairly deep and inspired heavy rock. Garfan has a sound that is truly unique, melodic, and lyrically emotional. But if you want to explain Garfan in the simplest form possible, you need only two words: They ROCK!