Garland of Hours

Garland of Hours

 Arlington, Virginia, USA

Cello-driven folk rock with female vocals infused with the spirit of Appalachia and the old ballads of the British Isles.


Amy Domingues has played cello on albums by many of D.C.'s biggest names -- Fugazi, Ted Leo and Bob Mould, just to name a few. On "The Soundest Serum," she proves she's no mere sidewoman, though, as she leads her band through a strong set nine-song set. The tracks range from the torchy, spooky murder ballad "Dear Henry" -- highlighted by the cutting guitar work of frequent collaborator Mary Timony -- to the bouncy, piano-driven "Brick Eyes" to the solo-cello showcase of album closer "Difficult Run." There's certainly a medieval feel to the proceedings, but this isn't Renaissance Faire fare. It's hip, seductive chamber pop done right


The Soundest Serum CD 2007
Garland of Hours CD 2003