Garret Henry

Garret Henry

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Organic living meets new age piano. Think Bob Marley meets Jordan Rudess.


Garret Henry is a Canadian born keyboardist, composer and performer. As a new age solo performer, his musical act consists of a keyboard, laptop and an imagination. Bridging the gap between film and audio, Garret focuses on music with visuals during live shows. What does it sound like? The perfect soundtrack to a breathtaking view of the planet's natural beauty. Using a piano with orchestral and synthesized samples, Garret's music is described as "peaceful, thought provoking and majestic."

Musical influences include composers John Williams, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Bach, Mozart and Karl Jenkins. A majority of inspiration is drawn from nature and technology, and how both can live in harmony in the 21st century.

In 2008 Henry started "Delta 9 Music Productions" a music licensing company for his works. While actively composing and building up his recording studio, this will be his main focus in the upcoming years.



Written By: Instrumental Concept

Earth is a track about the life and death of humans on planet earth. It is a timeline of historic events, and futuristic predictions to come.

Starting off at a volcanic, chaotic state, plants and animals gradually appear. Humans are next who create a series of conflicts that eventually escalate.

The ending is open to interpretation..


"Earth" 5:40 released on IMP8 - Sept 10th 2008

Set List

Earth, Waltz, Wisdom, Amazon Flower