Garrett Hinson

Garrett Hinson

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Out of Nashville, TN come the ragged, honest songs of Garrett Hinson, his lyrics unfolding like a Technicolor film and his band whipping like a wild flame. With the heavy heart of a poet and the raw power of rock and roll, each song knocks you down and picks you up again.


In his dying hometown in West Tennessee, Garrett
Hinson was eternally hungry to create. And with that
hunger, he spent most of his childhood cutting his musical
teeth in a dim attic with local bands and writing songs full of
vivid imagery and earnest poetry that almost brought life to
the surrounding doldrums. Here, Hinson forged his own
style: extremely sing-able melodies, lush guitar work, and
an intensity that left him both whispering and screaming with
the rise and fall of the music.

After a few heartbreaks and a move to Nashville,
Hinson offers listeners Hollowbody, his first solo record. It is
an album that exemplifies his style as an artist, with rich,
tasteful soundscapes, earnest singing, and colorful, shrewd
lyricism. It is a record that captures Hinson’s essence, as
well as whispers of his greatest influences: Bright Eyes,
Josh Ritter, and Neil Young.

Armed with a band of his own, Hinson now takes on
the musical world as he did in the dim attic long ago. With
Hollowbody under his belt and talented musicians at his
side, he may conquer it yet.


Among the Weeds

Written By: Garrett Hinson

New England swallowed up my first love without a thought
And I had to close my eyes to see anything at all
And out among all of the weeds, with all the wild animals
Life goes on, it just goes on

The city hummed with business signs as we crossed over the edge
There were eyes and there were tongues but every single ear was deaf
Those other girls, man-eaters, they were comforting at best
I held my breath, I held my breath

And there was nobody to talk to in between the cannon-bursts
A force that could've been unstoppable, pulverized by written-word
Don't you dare cut me free now, I'll be a refuge for your love
But when they put you in the movies, I wonder will it be enough?

Pontius washed off his hands, you got on your airplane
I always lived by the pen, and I died by it that day
So for God's sake, ease me out so I don't make those same mistakes
If I may, If I may

Lovers, Suitors, Outlaws

Written By: Garrett Hinson

All you lovers, up against the wall
A last cigarette for one and all
With your sunglasses like holes in your head
Looking indifferent and calm
All you lovers, up against the wall

All you suitors, lying at her feet
While I wander down in Tennessee
Keep dreams on the dresser 'til morning
And try your best to get some sleep
All you suitors, lying at her feet

I miss someone who's so far gone
And she ain't never coming back
I'm in a trance of circumstance
But it don't pay to live like that

All you outlaws, trying to go straight
Buckle your belts and keep your guns in place
Cause that ideal love you've been dreaming of
Is farther than outer space
All you outlaws, trying to go straight

So when you finally think you understand
All the patterns underneath of what is done and said
Then the numbers just get out of hand
'Cause there ain't nothing black and white about the promise land
So we'd better form another plan
'Cause it seems that we were never meant to understand at all

Sight-Seeing Blues

Written By: Garrett Hinson

Saw two eagles making love
As they fell out of the sky
I couldn't help but cry
At such a pretty sight

Saw a single star explode
On a clear and quiet night
It made me feel alright
For just a little while

But everybody wants to be right so bad
And no one gives a damn about what was said
So if you ever need help then brother just ask
Just ask...

Saw a truck get tossed aside
By the mighty Natchez Trace
A soul dissipate
Into the cradle of space

Saw a child made to sit
On a tired wooden pew
I wondered if he knew
Or if he'll ever know the truth

An Unreachable Standard

Written By: Garrett Hinson

Lately I'm trying to free up my mind
From the things that I just can't control
So I'm planning on meeting this girl I've been seeing
And driving around in the cold

I've come to the conclusion that people are all
Just disappointments that are waiting to fall
From these towering pedestals that I place them on
And there's no one left standing when I finish my song

Saying "Oh my God, what happened here? What happened here?"

Lately I'm thinking of thing I believed in
How fragile those ideas were
They say "Those thoughts you subscribe to serve only to blind you,"
But I know that I'll never learn

With concepts of love that we're quick to protect
And realities we still refuse to accept
With my resolute heart and my cowboy complex
That unreachable standard, what could I expect?


-Nothingness, 2010

-Hollowbody, 2012

Set List

1. Lovers, Suitors, Outlaws
2. Pistolero
3. Among the Weeds
4. Sight-Seeing Blues
5. Somewhere I Don't Want to Be
6. Disappearing Act
7. Be a Rock
8. Vincent O'Brien (M. Ward cover)
9. An Epic Poem
10. Song for a Careless Lover
12. Bread and Water
13. An Unreachable Standard
14. Wild Blue
15. Holly
16. Tengo Que Va