Half Past 3

Half Past 3

 Charles Town, West Virginia, USA

Garrett JAMES is a new songwriter/singer. He is part of a 'northern VA' band called 'halfPAST3'. His dad Gary also writes music. They perform their originals along with covers that span multiple genres so their show has something for everyone.


Gary (Garrett's dad) has been playing guitar and bass for over 30 years. Garrett has been playing guitar, bass, & writing songs for over five years. We have an excellent lead guitarist nicknamed 'Mr Golden Fingers' (Stefan). We also have a rhythm guitar player named Alex Goldberg and Don Gregor on drums.

We find that people every where are loving our original music (majority written by Garrett) and people love Garrett's singing.


Our first CD is nearly completed. 6 song EP titled 'A Place Like This', 1/31/2013 - final mixing of songs happening now.

Set List

Email us for sample set lists at halfpast3music@gmail.com