Garrett Miller

Garrett Miller


Songs played straight from the heart. Intimate, honest, and to the point.


If you listen to Garrett Miller, you may hear a sound reminiscent of his father, Native American singer songwriter and Grammy award winner, Bill Miller. Like his father, Garrett was born in Wisconsin, but he was raised in Nashville, TN. His musical influences include the Beatles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Sting and Jeff Buckley. Getting his first guitar at age 10, Garrett has always seen music as his passion and a way to express his soul.
When Garrett sings, he evokes emotions within that seem to go unnoticed or ignored. By digging up his life, he digs up yours. His talent is more than musical, he is the pied piper of hearts. Garrett is able to make a garment of beauty with the threads of pain and struggles. He takes you down a path that is raw, yet relaxed and simple. He sings of highs and lows. These are stories of life, pieces of poetry. With his voice, he sings every song as if it were a lullaby intended only for you. There is an intimacy that is lost in music these days, Garrett brings it back. A perfect blend of old and new, he sings from the deepest part of his soul. You can almost hear the echoes of his heartbeat in every song. This is truth sung in the most delicate and alluring way. Amidst all the noise, finally there is a voice that sings hope.


My first album is self titled as Garrett Miller and is on iTunes.

Set List

1.Valentine's Day Parade
2. Singing
3.Three Words
4. Sunset
5. Far Away
6. Drowning
7. When You're Broken
8. Wash Over Me
9. Miss You
10. Peace
11. The Dream
12. Hurricane
13. Ava
My set can be 20 minutes or 45 minutes to an hour. I can play however long is needed.