Garrett Ramquist

Garrett Ramquist

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Garrett Ramquist and his band perform songs from up tempo pop/rock to Soulful ballads. With music along the likes of Switchfoot, Lifehouse, and Keith Urban, his music appeals to a wide variety of listeners. Shows are full of High energy and a charasmatic stage presence everyone will enjoy.


In todays music scene it's hard to separate fact from fiction. Every artist bio you read, every music review you see claims so and so is the new Dylan, Led Zeppelin, or Rolling Stones. What you never really hear about is someone being original, honest...real. Garrett Ramquist is real. A compelling, versatile performer whose soulful voice and sincere beliefs come through in every ounce of his music. At only twenty three years of age this Wisconsin based singer/songwriter is ready to do what most musicians only dream about in their press releases, make a difference.

Garrett has recently completed recordings for his third CD “Where We Start Living” and like his previous solo releases “Twenty Thousand Dreams” and "Silhouette of Me" it is a strong representation of Ramquist's strong beliefs and tremendous passion. Exploring complex relationships both emotionally and spiritually “Where We Start Living” was recorded at the renown Paradyme Studios in Madison, WI and produced by Jake Johnson who took time out of his busy schedule especially for this project! Featuring a full backing band and amazing arraignments on songs like “Haunted”, “Walk With Me”, and “What I Need to Say” drawing comparisons to bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, and Lifehouse.

In his freshman year in a small town in Wisconsin, Garrett picked up his first guitar and started writing songs almost immediately. It wasn’t long until other folks were clamoring to hear those songs and Garrett's unique voice. Not surprisingly he comes from a long line of musicians who sight both secular and gospel backgrounds. Shortly after the release of his debut CD Garrett began receiving e-mails literally from around the world, all of whom were moved by his stirring performance and incomparable message of hope in the face of desperation. One thing became clear, they all wanted to hear more!

These days, Garrett’s sights are tightly focused on exposing his music and ability to the world. He prides himself on his fan interaction and touching the hearts of his audience, which he easily does with his sincerely portrayed work. It's no wonder that Garrett is quickly becoming a favorite in the Midwest and it's not surprising that he'll soon be known in more households around the country. Catch him soon at a venue near you! I'm certain you'll be amazed at just how different Garrett Ramquist really is.



Written By: Garrett Ramquist

Verse 1:
There's a promise you've been sworn
Beyond the the years you were torn
It's like the sunrise in the blue sky
Pulling shades of life
You can taste but you can't see
It's just a Silhouette of Me
Baby in your heartbeat can you feel me?
I adore you

It's like the sunrise in the blue sky
living with a heartbeat for the first time
I just wanna love you
can you love me for who I am?
In your heartbeat can you feel me?
running right into amazing grace
the sun is shining for you
the sun is shining for you

Verse 2:
Now I'm staring out at you
Just to get a better view
It's been a long time, since you've been mine
I've been spoken for
I went searching for the answers to life
It took a broken heart to realize
It's right here now yea sing it loud


All your thoughts could break apart
You're more fragile than a piece of art
Know that you are not alone
You've never been out on your own
This world is a silhouette of me
We can taste, but we can't see
All the years a fallen now we sit
On the edge of what we want
Could we ever see, believe, in me



Written By: Garrett Ramquist

Verse 1:
She's on her way to california
With a letter in her hand
Even though it's written on my face
They wouldn't understand

And she says she believes in destiny
So if she stays long gone it was meant to be

This feeling left me haunted
She's the ghost thats by my side
Now I'm broken and surrounded
By the shadows in my mind

Verse 2:
Now I know that I should tell her
But it feels wrong to make things right
I try and stop myself from going outta my mind
While I'm out tonight

And then I swore I saw her face
Smile so sweet
Next I heard her laugh
Like she was laughing with me
Felt the rush from her touch
Set me free
She was mine oh mine
it was meant to be


It was a long road that night
I should've never let her go
I won't go down without a fight
To make her destiny my own

And she said she believes in destiny
And she stayed long gone
But now she's there with me


What I Need to Say

Written By: Garrett Ramquist

Verse 1:
I'm hanging onto
The words you said before you left
Looking back on
All the photographs I kept
You use to be there
When I needed you the most
Wherever I am
Feels Like I'm chasing your ghost

You were the only one I've know
Who could turn my whole day around
I'm so sorry If I let you down

I tried to let it go
Tried not to let it show
But there are some things
That you can't keep locked inside
It's tearing me apart
I need a brand new start
I don't need to find
The answers to this life
I don't need to get away
I just need some time to say
What I need to say

Verse 2:
Driving past those
Spots where we used to hang out
Replay the memories
I hate to talk about them now
You've said you'r fine
It's not messing with your mind
You pass me by like you don't remember
Hanging out and holding on together

You were the only one to see
The best and Worst parts of me
I'm so sorry if you blame me


So put your glass up for a toast
to everything that means the most


Walk With Me

Written By: Garrett Ramquist

Walk with me
Tell me you believe
And If you can't see
Is there anything that could set you free
Oh walk with me

Let me through
I wanna see you smile like you used to
Get back to the moments that made you, you
Oh let me through

I wanna lay on the roof and look up at the moon
I wanna let you go, but you've gone to soon
Remember what you said would set you free
But without you here, I can't be me, no

Verse 2:
Talk with me
Everything will be ok
Tak time to breathe
You're not hearing what I'm sayin
I can't wait for an invitation
Even though my fait is breaking, no


Verse 3:
I start to see
What it was that made you turn from me


Won't you walk with me?


Written By: Garrett Ramquist

Verse 1:
I take a breath before you go
Trying not to let this show
When you are gone
I was stranded in this storm
Hail damaged I am torn
Who would of know

All our walls have fallen

I don't wanna run with you through thunder
When there's no more stars in you eyes
I don't wanna be with you, we're going under
Falling like rain from the sky
In this storm

Verse 2:
I tried to let you in with me
But all that I could ever see
Was you running blind
I could never feel the love that you said
You were dreaming of in your bed

Spare me, please spare me


Why'd you change?
For a secret inside
Rolling and Rolling away



"Where We Start Living"
"Silhouette of me"
"Twenty Thousand Dreams"

Set List

Acoustic Set can range from 1 hour to 3 hours consisting of about 20 originals and 20 covers. Cover songs include songs from the beatles and rolling stones all the way to modern day pop/rock such as Lifehouse and Switchfoot.

Full Band can range from 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours consisting of 20 original songs.