Garrick Davis/The Fabulous FunkyBand

Garrick Davis/The Fabulous FunkyBand

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If Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Bruce Spingsteen brought in The Dave Matthews Band to back them up! A free-wheeling display of emotion, passion, depth and skill born of a lifetime of love and fascination for the work. An immensely talented artist and band! Blues/Funk/Folk/Rock


Really, an AutoBio... When I see people on American Idol, the Olympics or otherwise, I hear them express how they've worked their 'whole life' for this. I am a music artist that decided a long time ago(relatively speaking) that creating and performing music is my calling and I'll die doing it...but first I want to "live" doing it, to the best effect and in my own way!

I was born in Casper Wyoming to Ernest and Marie Davis. My father, now 82, was a 1st call drummer, hired by regional swing bands of the 1940's in his home state and surrounding region. He gave this passion up to raise a family of what would eventually be four children. My mother is the daughter of the pastor of the first black church in Casper, Grace A.M.E.. Incidentally, this is where I performed for the first time in public, barely 3 years old. I never feared singing in front of an audience, apparently. My mother, now 80 years old, is a classically-trained operatic soprano. I believe my innate talent is the result of the merging of their "musical genes" and thus have always felt free to let music percolate through my veins, mind and thoughts. I declared as my first aspiration that I want to be a symphony conductor and lead a great orchestra; Not a fireman, doctor or astronaut like many others. Of course as going to the moon became more and more of a possibility, the astronaut thing was intriguing...

As a child I played piano, string bass, won a spot in a prestigious auditioned Colorado Children Choir where we performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado Springs, CO in 1969 before "U2" and "The Dave Matthews Band". I loved the Beatles ever since sitting between my older brother and sister to watch "A Hard Days Night" in the the movie theater and seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show two months shy of turning six and moving to Denver, Colorado. Like so many others I was effected in a very deep way by that live "make world stand still" performance, but it was five years later that my older brother played Jimi Hendrix live Band Of Gypsys for me for the first time. I was most effected physically and mentally by the track "Machine Gun", in disbelief of the sounds that I understood immediately as emotional release and artistic expression as I had never heard before.

A few months later, by reason of Christmas my dad bought me a $45 Harmony electric and a Gibson amp. The guitar was easy to play, the amp was loud. I listened to how Hendrix tuned his guitar during his in-between banter on live albums. I figured this: If a song is humanly possible to play and I like it enough, I'll teach myself to play it. For years I played that guitar, figuring out all kinds of songs by current bands like Cream, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and others. Hendrix had died one year earlier and my father was transferred to San Francisco by his employer The U.S. Postal Service.

As a teenager I was urged to get an acoustic guitar and once I did, I began writing my own music. What would now be diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, etc., I experienced the distraction of music flowing though my mind. I am now told that this is a gift. I thought I wasn't academically gifted but it was music that brought to my life a true sense of self-expression and pride. It was my involvement and success with high school track that taught me the value of hard work and a stick-to-it attitude that has been valuable in other areas of my life, especially as it is now.
Throughout my years I've lead bands that played my music exclusively. With the exception of the blues trio "Earrush", "Calico", "Orion", "New Red Sand" and now "Garrick Davis and His Fabulous FunkyBand" have been part of my evolution as an artist and bandleader.
I have worked at many jobs that included 21 years as a grocery clerk, closet/storage space designer, fine food restaurant server, I sold meat off the back of a truck and finally evolved into selling my own CD's door to door from Santa Cruz to Marin County. I even attempted to sell to tourists on the Golden Gate Bridge but was asked to vacate by security in the post 9/11 era. My most satisfying income maker has come from teaching guitar which I have done for the past 7 years.

It's not a case of ego as much as it is about doing my best to use my gift. It is up to those who hear what I do that can best judge its value and compare me to other artists perhaps more familiar. As I have aged I have attained a broader outlook of life and some may say wisdom. I have always believed in the power of music to transform lives because I am a living example. I have two CD's to my credit, "Glass Half Full"(2001), "The Show"2005" and this current project "Expose Your Self" which is the culmination of the many years I have worked to become what I am as an artist, man and father, now...all without a previous contract or helpful industry connection to help propel my career.

I would like to think I am actually lucky to still be an up-and-coming or "emerging" artist with


I Give You Trouble

Written By: Garrick Davis

I share with you what matters
And I keep what I need, rarely more
But I feel you watching me.

Related to a purpose
We share this moment in time-It’s here
But I feel you watching me

I give you trouble
And I give you my love
I give you trouble
And I give you my love

You opened the world for me
You trusted me with your heart
But what did I do?

I revealed to you my darkest side
I find the price to pay might be
That I end up losing you

© 2008 G. Davis

Expose Your Self

Written By: Garrick Davis

Why hold on to the secret
that is burning inside you?
You turned away
from your heart
and broke your own rules,
-You sold yourself

Paralyzed by your desire
to seek approval from others
In this truth you’ve been mired,
compromised the need
and the power
to love your self
Expose your self

Each day just blows on by
and each moment
should count for something.
No one can stop time,
and time owes you nothing
You owe your self
Expose your self.

Through this naive decision,
self-belief was kept hidden
and damaged
Holding on to the baggage
is so (self)defeating.
This should be enough reason
to seek change and healing.

Time to share your secret,
You can’t move on
livin’ with your regrets.
So shine your own light
and for the rest of your life
Expose your self
And love Your self
You know your self!
Love your self

©2009 G. Davis/Laughing Man

Lookin' For Something

Written By: Garrick Davis


Heads are knockin’
heads are knockin’
we beat each other to the ground
seems we didn’t know there’s
enough love to get around
(this thing, this problem,
we created, yes indeed

The huggin’ and kissin’ wasn’t missin’
but we knew it was time for a change,
didn’t figure we would lynch each others’
hearts and hold them up for display
(it was ugly, it was mean.
I know I lied to you,
you did the same to me)

We’re lookin’ for somethin’
we want the same thing
Lookin’ for somethin’
We want the same thing

When you told me you
made it with someone else
you acted so justified
Then your fantasy blew up in your face
Smoke cleared and left a hole inside
(Was this really about you
I know it wasn’t ‘bout me
Because in the end you found
another thing that you don’t need

I tried to put my life in order.
Didn’t put my life on hold
Then I found my “someone else”
Moved on but let the truth be told
(my brain must be jello,
hard to let go,
because it was genuine love
inside we knew it was real good)

We’re lookin’ for something
We want the same thing
You looked around now you know
we had the best thing……

You looked around
It wasn’t love
You threw me away
maybe now you know that
I gave you enough
Of the best things
You’ll never find another me…

**We gotta breathe baby
on our own
Had to step away for the
truth to show

By lookin’ for something else
We let go of the best thing,
our bird in the hand
left to starving

Lookin for Somethin’
We want the same thing……
©2010 G. Davis

Happy June

Written By: Garrick Davis

(…‘round the corner
it’s coming round
and ‘round again….)

Through the steamy days of summer,
and Autumn’s winds and colors
I muscled-up through the winter
Here come the longer days
and shorter nights

That tick tock of the clock
keeps moving
and so must I.
Like Bob Marley
and my father,
I believe
everything is gonna
be all right.

Happy June, Happy June
I can’t believe that you
are back here so soon
It’s been a year and
I am better
not bitter. Better.

The 31st of May I got out,
as I was asked to.
I wish I could have
cut my heart out,
left it behind,
gift-wrapped and
addressed to you.
(Turns out I’m glad
I kept it! YEAH!)

In June I sprouted wings
Explored something new
By January I broke away
from my own cage
Time always has a way of
healing wounds.

Happy June, Happy June
I can’t believe that you
are back here so soon!
Hope every year from here
gets better
and better. Better and better…
©2010 G. Davis/
Laughing Man Records


Written By: Garrick Davis

Hey now! Have you heard the news
Sotchiatta just loves to play the Blues
He’s got his guitar He plays the harp and drums
He knows just what to do to have some fun

They say he has a gift for being funny
Hey, that’s not too bad a way to be
He never has a problem makin’ money

Sotchiatta show me from the
inside, inside, inside, inside out yeah!

Sotchiatta, it’s not confusin’
Got this guitar and I sure love to use it
I’m not concerned with vanity
But this music, It floats up from deep inside me

Sotchiatta said just play your funky Music
Don’t you get your undies in a bunch
Lets sit down where we can talk a while
Talk about the music from the
inside, inside, inside, inside out, yeah!

Sotchiatta: I’m joyful you asked me to help
and that you understand that
no one achieves great things alone!

I’ve never been confused. I believe in what I do
I just need some help in the direction
I believe I can go and I’ll be on my way
A-way ay! ay! ay! ay!
I’ll be on my way!!

Hey now! Have you heard the news?
Sotchiatta just loves to play the blues!
He’s got his guitar and his harp and drums
He knows just what to do to have some fun
They say he has a gift for being funny
I just like to think he gets things done
He never has a problem making money
Sothchiatta show me from the inside out…..
Sotchiatta we’re gonna make some money

So Glad I'm Here

Written By: Garrick Davis

O, Life!
The foundation
Every day an education
A special occasion
Crazy makin’
Always changin’
You never see it coming

Barefoot I came into this world
to dance with destiny
to be bold
I’ve been up
I’ve been down

Still I’m…

So glad I’m here
So glad cause I believe I’m here
to do something good
So glad I’m here
So glad that I hope
I just might be contagious! Yeah
(unh huh...)

My mother, a singer
My father, a drummer
Something in my genes
Maybe something in the water

I had to get up
stand up for the music
Had to make a move
to use it or I’d lose it

Seems life’s been like
building a mansion
with stone walls cut
from a quarry of passion
a frame for strength
formed with love and skill
using Blues like a hammer
and Funk like a drill

I see red-letter days coming faster
With fear no longer my master
I can be who I dreamed I can be

So glad I’m here
So glad to believe I’m here
to do something good
So glad I’m here
To think otherwise
would be outrageous


Barefoot I came into this world
To dance with destiny
to be bold
It’s love that put shoes on my feet

So glad I’m here
So glad I believe I’m here
to do something good
So glad I’m here
With love everything is possible

So glad I’m here
So glad I believe I’m here
to do something good

So glad I’m here
So Glad I’m here…

©2010 G. Davis/Laughing Man Records


Expose Your Self/ To be released April 2010

THE SHOW/Live DVD/CD with The Fabulous FunkyBand-Released in October 2005 this package, which displays a fully mature artist fronting his talented band includes an 11-track CD and 35 minute DVD. This release is receiving airplay on major San Francisco radio stations as well as on the nationally syndicated "House Of Blues Break which reaches 180 U.S. and international music markets. Available on CD BABY, iTunes, etc.

GLASS HALF FULL/full band production(2001)-Full tracks from this CD can be found at,
and Apple iTunes.

BROWN PAPER SACK- Garrick Davis bare bones and raw in this intimate guitar lover's delight. Displaying why his solo career has been so fruitful a listen to Brown Paper Sack is akin to inviting a vibrant and brilliant artist into your living room or car to set the stage to having a great day.

SESSIONS AT 617(2008)
Demos of new material deemed for a new album and recorded on a Macbook laptop using Garageband software at Garrick's apartment (617). Garrick's son Zach played keyboards and the drums are realtime midi-generated. Tracks include "I Give You Trouble", "Lines Of Grace", Robert Johnson's "Love In Vain", "Consternation"(currently instrumental), and a new version of "Everything" which was inspired by a piano line Zach created. All of these can be heard on this EPK and Garrick's MySpace page (see below).

Set List

I Give You Trouble
So Glad I'm Here
Happy June
Walkin' Into Heaven
Grey Sky
Lookin' For Something
Embrace Love & Change
Expose Your Self
Big Imagination
Wastin' Time
Gut Feeling
Chemical Reaction
Another Day
Beat My Foes
GD Blues
Jenny(I'll do it right)
If You Look
Quality Of Living
The Boy In Me
Gonna Love It!
The Barriers
The Saints
G.D. Blues
Shrinking Man

Voodoo Chile-Acoustic,Solo (Hendrix)
Red House-Acoustic/Electric Solo(Hendrix)
Not Fade Away(Buddy Holly)
Freedom(Richie Havens)
Love In Vain(Robert Johnson)
Green Onions(Booker T & The MG's)
Sissy Strut(The Meters)
Hey Joe(Hendrix)
Down By The River(Neil Young)
The Maker(Daniel Lanois)
John The Revelator(Son House)

3 sets/45 mins each or as necessary