Garrison Davis

Garrison Davis


Garrison's music is contemporary gospel with a unique blend of jazz, urban & pop. It's anointed, full of faith, spirit charged & encouraging... Fans & fellow musicians alike say that they always hear something new in the tracks when ever they play his CD(s)...


Garrison originally hails from Newark, N. J., is home based in Atlanta, Ga., but has resided in Yokohama, Japan for eight years with his wife & three sons, where he heads his own company. There he has produced music for major Japanese artists, as well as produced & pioneered major gospel concerts of his own in venues that had never hosted gospel concerts before him. He has developed his 55 member "Tokyo for Christ choir", as well as "Faith to Faith"... He is a serious faith walker & this shines unmistakably through his music.


You never needed me - Commercial jazz single 1983
Memoirs - Singer / Songwriter album - 1996
My Miracle - Contemporary Gospel CD ( on CD baby with Digital distribution ) To purchase this CD go to:
The Pleasure's Mine ( Live in Tokyo ) - New DVD release

Set List

Concerts are usually one & a half to 2 hours in length;
consisting of mostly original songs written by Garrison, as well as familiar songs with Garrisons unique twists...
You can't help but groove & be moved.