Garry Jackson

Garry Jackson


Garry Jackson is a Canadian singer songwriter,signed indie artist. He has a strong soaring voice and writes some well crafted poetic songs. Taking folk music to new destinations.


Garry has recorded three full length projects as well as other projects, and is working on another. He has signed with Wild Oats Records in Nashville. Garry has performed in Nashville,Tn. Belfast Northern Ireland, as a selected artists for the 1st. Annual Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival 2005, as well as
parts of Canada.He has had some radio success and favourable reviews. as far away as Germany. Anyone who has heard Garry sing will agree that; "This boy can sing."


Hearts Alone EP, Bright Eyes SINGLE, Fool In The Rain CD, Mighty Above All Things CD, Songs Your Mother Never Sang CD. Yes Garry has several songs on OMD'S or internet radio. soundclicks, artist launch, and has been charted on these and other folk stations.

Set List

I rarely do cover tunes, with one exception . That being the Eagles tune Desperado. My sets can be 45 minutes to 90 minutes. So either one or two sets, unless opening for some other act.