this music is the legacy of marcus garvey works, the message will astonish you. with good vibes will lead you to a positive place,for this musi is full of vision from east to west north to south. this music give on love one aim one destiny.


garvey was born in st andrew, jamaica with lineage stretcing back to the philosopher marcus garvey his great great grand father. growing up garvey rub shoulders with lots of musicians, like bob marley,bunny wailers,u roy, dennis brown, Isreal vibration, fred locks, jose wales. the niabingi chantings, and the rasta fairh influnce the the message and the vision. to this album, all the musican are world class, they all back some of the best astist in the reggae bussiness today. the album was mix by hopeton brown aka {scientist} in hollywood, los angeles ca top class studio.


album garvey astonish.