Gary Dunne

Gary Dunne


Gary's music is infectious, original and from the heart. His deceptively simple and honest songs sit somewhere between organic folk and electro-pop.


What are your influences?
I'm influenced by anything that moves me. This can be music, a film, a person that I meet or even a random thought that comes in to my head. Once I respond to anything on an emotional level, it becomes an influence.

Artistically I love anyone who has the sincerity to express their truth. A list of heroes would include Neil Young, Bill Hicks, Alastair Mcintosh, The Beatles, Thom Yorke, JD Sallinger, Bob Dylan, Gillian Welch and Stevie Wonder.

I'm also very inspired by artists who commit to developing their own identity and style.

What sets you apart from other bands?
I like to think that I have my own 'sound'. I try to make music that moves me and hopefully others can get something from it too.
My live set is also quite different - I use live samplers to record, layer and mix acoustic and electric instruments, making a bed for my songs to sit in.

What is your story?
I grew up in a small town called Portlaoise in the middle of Ireland. At 17 I moved to Dublin where I got heavily involved with the city's legendary singer songwriter circuit. I performed a lot, released an EP called 'Good Things', and built up a good supportive following.

The EP generated quite a lot of interest in the UK and I ended up moving to London in 2001 where the live touring continued. I got to meet and tour with a lot of great musicians like Nizlopi, Damien Rice and Duke Special. In 2004 I set up my label 'Honest Records' and returned to Ireland to record and release my debut album 'Twenty Twenty Fiction', which did really well.

I'm currently back in London working on a new album and a live DVD, and as always, playing a lot of shows.


2001 Good Things EP (includuing 'Constant Motion', the opening track on the Best of UK Unsigned)
2002 The Lost EP (Internet Only release)
2004 Amerikan Folk Song single (used by Adidas on their international website, playlisted on 2FM, Radio 1, Today FM)
2004 Debut Album Twenty Twenty Fiction (Top Twenty, Best Debut Album Hot Press Readers' Poll see press)
2004 'Jennifer' Single (Top twenty, playlisted on Radio 1,)

Set List

Gary's usual solo set is an hour to an hour and a half approx depending on the situation.

He usually performs solo with songs on acoustic and electric guitars and piano. Gary also uses sampling equipment, recording and layering live performances in real time.

A live set includes a mixture of songs from TWENTY TWENTY FICTION and new material from the upcoming release SIMPLE TRUTH

No covers