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I Had a Dream

Written By: Gary Granada

I Had a Dream

I saw a table long and wide
With different people side by side
Behold a dove in glorious flight
I saw eternity last night

I had a dream
An enchanting wondrous dream
That shall haunt me deep within

I had a dream
And a vision of a world
Of a story yet untold
Till now

The earth was teeming, lush and green
With lavish rivers, lakes and streams
Where walls and borders melt and blur
And there was more

I had a dream
From their terrors, wants and fears
Grown ups dry the children's tears

The whites were black
And the Gentile was a Jew
And the many were the few
For once

I heard the news from distant lands
A billion waving, clasping hands
We've finally turned our backs on war
And there was more

I had a dream!

I had a dream
I saw history unfold
Men and women, young and old
Were free

And I can shout and I can scream
Without a doubt I had a dream
But what about, what could it mean?

And you can tell me what it is
For I could only dream and wish
That I guess I was dreaming
Dreaming I was dreaming

Of Peace