Gary Joseph Ayala

Gary Joseph Ayala


Debut CD “Selena Rose” introduces a Guitar instrumental Cool/Smooth Jazz genre with sound and styling from funk, fusion, acoustical, and rock.

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Cool Jazz Mist

2. Altoide

3. Funkin Wagnall

4. Heat Wave In Laredo

5. Just One More

6. Erica's Place

7. Selena Rose

8. Catch Up

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Gary was born in Manhattan N.Y.C. He is a graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology 1981. He had always been passionate about music and his greatest dream in life was to perform and record as a solo guitarist. But after many auditions in California, Gary was forced to find other means to financially support his family; nevertheless, music ran throughout his veins all day long no matter what he was doing. Music for him was his inspiration to keep on working on the daily challenges people have to face during their life time. In addition, an accident Gary suffered on his left fret board hand, exploded into five pieces. This life altering event made him face one and the scariest day of his life. When the Doctors told him after their diagnosis he could never again play the guitar. Gary’s heart was broken, but he turned all the emotional pain into desire to keep on being a solo Guitarist more so than ever. Despite the slim chance given to him by the doctors, Gary had to try to convin