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The year is 1976 and Gary Lammin is playing guitar for the scorching, no hold barred boot punk band... COCK SPARRER. Lammin along with bass player Steve Burgess begins to co-write what is now considered among many Cock Sparrer fans as the 9 crucial songs from those glorious years of 1976/1977. Songs that were and still are seared in the cosmos forever.

"Running Riot", "Chip On My Shoulder", "Again and Again", "Sister Suzie", "Taken For A Ride", "Sunday Stripper", "I Need A Witness", "Teenage Heart" & "Platinum Blonde"

At the time of these sessions at Decca Recording Studios in Hampstead, Lammin hit on the idea of covering the Rolling Stones spaced-out drug dirge, "We Love You". However, Lammin has a vision of "We Love You" played in the style of the New York Doll's, "Jet Boy" via Slade's "Mamma, We're All Crazy Now".
Lammin enthusiastically sets out to convince everyone that, seeing as the Stones were once on Decca, as were now Cock Sparrer, and the Stones were the original anti-establishment band, that to turn "We Love You" into a loud raucous football terrace rocker would be a dramatic and paradoxical artistic statement...

Was Lammin right? Well put it this way, on its release Melody Maker made "We Love You" record of the week. Enough said!!

The Little Roosters were the next opportunity for Lammin to make a nuisance of himself... and he did...
Now spending much of his time either in the suburbs of Paris or along the south coast near Montpellier and choosing to dress in clobber reminiscent of a sixteenth century Renaissance sculptor or poet.

The French national newspaper "Liberation" described Lammin and his Little Roosters as... "That exiled troupe of circus clowns on acid. The Village of the Damned no doubt being lined up to be their next conquest..."

Lammin explains... "I wanted to create this kind of Dudley Moore meets Bertand Russell sort of atmosphere... you know... beautifully absurd and on the verge of discovering some mind blowing revelations... it was all too mad really I suppose."

The Little Roosters released one album in France, which featured Alison Moyet on guest vocals. It also featured Joe Strummer on piano who also produced the album.

Perhaps the French newspaper "Liberation" was right all along about the Little Roosters... "circus clowns on acid" indeed.

Next came Lammin's venture into the world of film acting when the celebrated film director Ken Loach offered him a part in the award winning flim, "Riff Raff". That part led to several other parts and now with numerous film and television credits added to his C.V. and a film script that Gary has written being geared up for production. Lammin has at long last returned to the guitar. He has recorded several songs with legendary Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman and now goes out playing solo, having crafted out a ferocius and raucous slide guitar style.