Gary Lee Michael

Gary Lee Michael


GaryLee Michael has been described by journalists as "a new direction in Country with traditional roots", "roots music to awaken the soul" and "a romantic balladeer" the latter describing his slow tunes.


In the first year and a half of his professional career, Gary Lee Michael, was nominated for Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year and Independent Songwriter of the Year by the MIRL (Major Independent Record Labels Association of Nashville) as well as the CMA “Eagle Award”. Gary also won the EIA (Entertainer Indie Association of Nashville), was inducted into the Alabama Country Music Hall of Fame and given an honorary membership to the CMA. In 1991, Gary was also appointed States Representative of the Southeast Region for the CMA.

Gary’s first single was “Daddy’s Little Girl”, a song that touched the hearts of people all over the world. This was evidenced when “Daddy’s Little Girl” became the most requested song for three weeks in Ireland. First lady Barbara Bush even sent a card thanking Gary for writing such a touching song. Radio personalities responded with great praise as well and to this day people still ask Gary about the song. The video was shown on CMT, “Shot Gun Red”, and “The Morning Show” in Birmingham Alabama. “Daddy’s Little Girl” was followed by “Wish You Didn’t Love Him The Way I Love You” and a third single entitled “Hometown Boy” that soared into the top 20 reaching #19 on the Billboard charts and #8 on the Cash Box charts.

Gary’s most exciting moment in country music came when he looked at the charts and saw his song “Home Town Boy” at #19 with a bullet and Garth Brooks “Two of a Kind” at #20 with Vince Gil’s “Pocket Full of Gold” at #18. Little did Gary know that several weeks later his promising career would come to a screeching halt…

Gary began playing and singin’ in the church at age four, tutored by his parents Roy and Mildred Sikes of Matthews North Carolina. Roy and Mildred played eleven musical instruments between themselves. Later Gary would master the guitar, bass guitar, piano and lap steel with proficiency. Musical talent had been bred into him.

At sixteen, Gary started playing bass guitar for a gospel group, which is when he began to write songs. Gary had a penchant for ballads and songs that he felt were meaningful. In his own words Gary recalls “I love up-tempo songs but my heart is in the ballads…” Gary was a shy boy and a little afraid to ask girls out. With the help of his guitar he overcame his shyness… “There was this shopping center near where I grew up. Everybody would ride through cruising, and just look at each other, but hardly anyone would ever pull over and talk. One night I was about out of gas, so I pulled over and got out and sat on the hood of my car with my guitar. Next thing I knew, there were girls everywhere. It was so funny, all the were still riding by looking and here I was, surrounded by all the girls.”

One evening while Gary was playing a song he had written, a man walked up to him inquiring as to whether he had other songs. After playing a few, Walter Bailes introduced himself. The Bailes Brothers vocal group were a Nashville staple, and second only to Roy Acuff at the Grand Ole Opry until they left to promote the Louisiana Hay Ride. Walter Bailes was also a hit songwriter having written many of the Kitty Wells hits. Walter took an interest and told Gary he might be able to do something with his music. With Walters help Gary got on “The Country Boy Eddie Show”, a syndicated television show. Tammy Wynette had gotten her start on his show. Walter also help Gary get on Ernest Tubb’s “The Midnight Jamboree” a radio show out of Nashville airing on WSM FM radio. Gary also secured a guest spot on “The Grand Ole Opry Warm-up Show”.

Gary performed and held company with some of the biggest names in country including Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Porter Wagoner and Ronnie Milsap.

Six days away from finalizing his deal with Warner Bros, Gary suffered a near fatal car crash. He remembers to this day, the sounds of the crash and fighting to free himself from the car before an explosion…He’d lost it all under the wheels of a tractor trailer.

Gary’s new self- titled release on indie label Fires of August will be spring 2008. Lyrical themes and melodies for a sophomore effort are already flowing fast and furious as he prepares to promote Gary Lee Michael. His never-ending faith in God and his passion for music have brought Gary’s musical journey full circle. And Gary’s now expressing his thoughts in song with an even deeper meaning and enjoyin’ every minute.


Upcoming release entitled Gary Lee Michael on indie label Fires of August in stores May 2008. Previous efforts on Spirit Horizon Records released in 1990 & 1991 are now out of print. They included the "Hometown Boy" ablum and subsequent singles charted in both Billboard and Cashbox magazines.

Set List

Original material from the uptempo "Danger Zone" to the mid-tempo "If Mamma Could See Me Now" with slow ballads like "The Yard Sale". Classic covers are occasionally sprinkled in according to the venue. Club sets are 45 minutes with the option of 1-3 sets depending on music venues format. Concerts are usually over an hour unless restricted by union regulations.

Typical Set List

Danger Zone
Momma & Daddy's Kinda Love
When I Pull Out Your Picture
Hot Times
The Yard Sale
Who Could Ask For More
Hometown Boy
If Momma Could See Me Now
Dreaming My Life Away
When He Prayed
You Take My Breath Away
Since You Came Into My Life
Stephanie's Song
Faith Moved Mountains