Stories Told

Stories Told

 Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Stories Told is the acoustic folk duo of singer-songwriters Gary Moon and Alice Jenkins.
Together, they perform original songs and favorite acoustic folk classics in the upstate New York region, including Vermont and Massachusetts.


Stories Told is the acoustic folk duo of singer-songwriters Gary Moon and Alice Jenkins. Stories Told originated in the Saratoga Springs arts scene in upstate New York.

Together, they perform original songs and favorite acoustic folk classics with emphasis on vocal harmonies, unique delivery and a combination of acoustic guitars, ukelele, harmonica and percussion.

"Gary Moon and Alice Jenkins offer their original songs and covers with passion and creativity and their tight harmonies and sensitive instrumentation give such a full and playful (and perfect!) performance." - Scott Carrino, Round House Bakery Cafe, Cambridge, NY

 "Stories Told is a duo with a unique sound and beautiful harmonies" - Candice Frye, LARAC, Glens Falls, NY


North Up the River

Written By: Gary Moon

North Up the River
© 2002 Gary Moon

Once there was a time when all of this was green
When the mill was more about the man than the machine
And we felt a part of all the land and left it clean
Never took any more than we could use.

There was a time you wouldn’t recognize its face
With tall white birches and fields of Queen Anne’s Lace
Now you can’t see the river for the machinery in place
And the crazy sound it makes, and the toll you know it takes.

North up the river where it’s cold and clear and clean
North up the river to the forest seldom seen
North up the river, where we used to work and play
North up the river above the mills and the falls and the price we had to pay

Your granddad’s father worked the timber in his day
Roll them down to the river and send them on their way
A little nudge if they move along, a stick of dynamite if they stay
Either way, they get them to the mill on time

He says; back then we took a little caution with our home
We built our monuments of wood and steel and stone
And not this man-made chemical that’s settled in your bones
And settled at the bottom of the riverbed
Now we face our neighbors with a sign in each one’s hand
Trying to save our river, and not sacrifice the land
But you’re not my enemy, it’s that dirty river sand
Our children will never know what’s underneath their feet.

But ain’t it just like a company to make the common people pay
And ain’t it just like a government to try to look the other way
Either way we’re left with a legacy in the clay
Will it heal itself someday, or will it all just wash away

A Thousand Dreams Call it Home

Written By: Gary Moon

A Thousand Dreams Call It Home
© 2004 Gary Moon

Walking up the hill on Phila Street
Against the cold, into the warm
I climb the stairs into the small, dim room waiting there.

It's not the center of the universe
But it's a bright star spinning in the sky
A stop along the way for all those heading to the center someday.

Gazing at the images of those who came before
Troubadours and poets all
Pass through ragged wooden double doors

This place, so built on legends,
is still inhabited by dreams
All taking flight, each one a small voice soaring into the night.

Just as many starry-eyed and hopeful
Have left their heelmarks on this stage
Then sad they go, leaving only footprints in the snow.

I gaze up at the images of those who came before
Artists, dreamers great and small
Pass through ragged wooden double doors

What I always will remember
Is that passion built this place
Not just wood or stone, and a thousand dreams call it home.


Written By: Gary Moon

Verse 1:
Time never mattered as we stepped into the sun
We tossed our caps into the air and thought we’d already won
Those first brave steps into the light were baby steps at best
Little did we know how we would be put to the test
They say time is a teacher; that it makes you strong and wise
But you know that you're in trouble, when you're believing your own lies
What we hope to gain and what we stand to lose
It's desire that teaches us which one to choose
Which point in the distance is the star you chose to follow
Which of your dreams did you betray
At your Reunion, will your lofty goals seem shallow, when you look back on today? Or will they all just fade away?
Verse 2:
Dreams torn and tattered from throwing caution to the wind
We flew our flag so high and proud 'til those dark clouds started rolling in
The values that we held so close would pull us all apart
For some it meant a victory, for some a broken heart
They say time is a river, but it’s a master of disguise
It slips right by unnoticed and then it’s staring in your eyes
Then the best that you can ever hope to do
Is find time to fix the things you broke in two. (Chorus)
Brave were the others who had made their choices clear
They sail for the ends of the Earth, navigate on the stars without fear.
We place bets on survival, is it flat or is it round?
Some will drop off the edge, out of sight - nowhere to be found.
Verse 3:
We knew that it would happen, we didn’t know just when
We’d look up from our lives just to find out where we’d been
The horizon racing toward us, never seems so very far
If we measure up the distance from what we want to where we are
They say time is a healer, but we cannot change the past
We can only sculpt the future and try to make our moments last
And the moments that we cherish shine like jewels
May they shine forever precious…win or lose


2005 - Self released original CD, "Orion"
2006 - "Detour" collaboration with Kate Blain, Phil Henry
2010 - Self released original CD, "Big Sky"
Gary can be heard on WSPN, Skidmore College radio in Saratoga Springs, NY and WEXT in Albany, NY in the rotation of local performers. Gary has also been a featured performing songwriter on John Kribs' Community Cafe Music hour on HITS 95.9 FM in Glens Falls, NY

Set List

3 or 4 - 45 minute sets, but also can play 2 hours without a break, depending on venue.
Set list includes covers and originals, depending on the requirements of the venue.